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Charlie Puth’s Latest Single Release and Intriguing Trivia About Him

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Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth, the beloved music sensation, is set to delight his fans with the release of his newest single. Titled “Girlfriend,” this song marks the highly anticipated return of the 28-year-old singer to the music scene in 2020, promising to be a treat for his devoted followers.

Taking to his Instagram account, Charlie Puth made the exciting announcement of his latest track. Accompanied by captivating cover art, the post revealed the release date of “Girlfriend” as Thursday, June 25th. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, the artist remains determined to share his latest creation with the world.

“Girlfriend” holds a special place in Charlie Puth’s heart as he considers it one of his favorite songs he has worked on thus far. This sentiment explains why he chose this single as his inaugural release of 2020.

Prior to his solo endeavors, Charlie Puth collaborated with other talented musicians on various projects. Notably, he lent his voice to a duet with Lennon Stella for SCOOB! The Album. Additionally, he had the opportunity to showcase his vocals in the duet version of the song “I Hope” alongside Gabby Barrett.

Anticipation is high among fans, who are hopeful for a new album from the singer of the hit song “Attention” this year. It remains uncertain whether “Girlfriend” will serve as the opening track for his upcoming album or if it will stand alone as an independent single. Regardless, if Charlie Puth does release a new album, it is bound to come with exciting surprises. The cover art shared on Instagram exudes freshness and intrigue, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the song’s release across various music streaming platforms.

In addition to the latest news, here are some fascinating facts about Charlie Puth:

  1. Twin Siblings: Charlie Puth has a twin sister named Mikaela and a twin brother named Stephen. Stephen often lends his support and inspiration to Charlie during his studio sessions.
  1. Comedy Beginnings: Before rising to fame as a singer, Charlie Puth started his journey as a YouTube artist, showcasing his comedic talents. Eventually, his focus shifted more toward his musical prowess, leading him to become the artist we know today.
  1. Unscholarly Scholar: Despite being hailed as a musical prodigy, Charlie Puth did not receive a scholarship at a university. However, he was granted a full scholarship at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he graduated with a major in Music Production, boasting near-perfect grades.
  1. Adele’s Influence: Charlie Puth’s breakthrough can be traced back to his cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You” on his personal YouTube channel in 2011, alongside Emily Luther. This caught the attention of renowned talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, propelling Charlie’s career to new heights, leading to successful album releases and a dedicated following.
  1. Memorable Kiss: In 2015, Charlie Puth surprised audiences at the AMAs by sharing a kiss with Meghan Trainor. This unexpected moment created quite a buzz, although it was not Charlie’s first kiss, as he had experienced his first smooch at the age of 13.
  1. Starring Role: One lesser-known fact is Charlie Puth’s appearance in Meghan Trainor’s music video for “Dear Future Husband.” He played one of Meghan Trainor’s dream men, adding a touch of charm to the visuals.
  1. Bedroom Studio: Charlie Puth transformed his bedroom into a simple music studio, where he often creates his songs. Adorned with multiple pianos and an assortment of musical instruments, this space serves as a source of inspiration for the talented artist.
  1. The Origin of Attention: Charlie Puth crafts his songs with an unwavering focus on capturing attention wherever and whenever possible. One prime example is his hit song “Attention.” To truly understand the inception of this captivating track, one must watch the music video until the very end.

With the imminent release of “Girlfriend,” Charlie Puth’s fans eagerly await another musical masterpiece from their beloved idol. In the meantime, they can revel in these intriguing facts that shed light on the multifaceted artist behind the music.

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