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  1. Posted by David Sives-Rutherford    06/10/2017 19:22

    i just bought all your albums

    River of Dreams: The Very Best of Hayley Westenra
    Hayley Westenra – Winter Magic
    Hayley Westenra : Hayley Westenra: Odyssey
    Westenra, Hayley : Pure CD

    you are stunning in every way,

    thanks for the music


  2. Posted by daniel rincon    30/07/2017 06:05

    Visit Colombia (south america) , add this to your next tour.

  3. Posted by Caleb    15/03/2017 18:48

    tu voz es un sueño

  4. Posted by mel blake    22/09/2016 02:31

    Call me; I would clean your drains, sweep your gutters, in fact anything to be within 100 yards of you.

  5. Posted by mel blake    22/09/2016 02:18

    Are you really that perfect?

    Unblemished : a Goddess?

    Wake me please

    Dream baby

  6. Posted by mel blake    22/09/2016 02:07

    Here is me matchmaking

    You with Vittorio Grigolo

    A match from heaven

    Sick with envy but hey ho

    Pair divinity: voci deli angeli

    Don’t fall in love with him xx

  7. Posted by mel blake    22/09/2016 01:49

    Oh God my heart bleeds tears of joy to behold you.

    Your voice breaks me to humility.
    your face takes me back to the dolls brought from Singapore post war.

    I would fight for my country
    Inspired by your fragility
    that innocence untouched
    Perfection; a woman.

  8. Posted by Evandro Amorim    22/01/2016 20:23

    You`re amazing, girl! I love you so!!!

    • Posted by Henk    09/03/2016 14:48

      You’e sure amazing. Just do like Sarah Brightman. Start your own worldtour and don’t forget to come in the Netherlands.

  9. Posted by Sertac Tokta    05/05/2015 20:51

    I hope, you give us opportunity to hear your enchanting voice and see your live performance in Istanbul.

  10. Posted by Daniele    25/03/2015 15:54

    Hallo Hayley I’m Daniele, from Italy….i can only stay in silence and listen to your beautiful and angelic voice. I’m also a fan of Ennio Morricone so you will understand this is perfect!

    I dream you write me one day Hayley but maybe it’s better that I continue to dream!

    Bye Hayley

  11. Posted by max333    23/09/2013 20:53

    La voce di Hayley ti accarezza l’anima. Nessuna sa darti le stesse emozioni. Semplicemente angelica!


  12. Posted by Andrew    09/06/2013 11:33

    Another amazing song!! Love it. Roll on the 17th June so i can get the new album. Hayley, keep up the good work. (That’s keeping me relaxed after a bad day at work!)

    Regards, and as always…. Thank you!! xx

    Andrew, Manchester, UK.

  13. Posted by rakanui    07/06/2013 19:34

    such a fabulous voice. I have listened to it for hours and never tire of it.

  14. Posted by chickybabe111    26/05/2013 09:14

    she is a beauititful singer I would like to meet her someday

  15. Posted by Mark LeClair Sr    15/05/2013 05:28

    No singer or songstress has ever captivated my soul as has Hayley. I find that I can not only listen to her music for countless hours on end…but, I don’t wish to listen to any other music. There is something magical in her voice that reaches to the depths of the human soul and embraces the spirit wholly satisfying to the very depths of human emotion. In my 54 years, I have never heard anything like it. There are moments when I believe that God has loaned mankind one of his Devine angels to sooth and caress the hearts of mankind….

  16. Posted by Jerry Hollifield    08/05/2013 15:41

    The most beautiful voice and beautiful lady.

  17. Posted by joel67    16/03/2013 03:39

    i love you hayley beautyfull voice

  18. Posted by Mutaz    26/01/2013 11:41

    I guess as if Hayley sings for me alone. I usually used to recognize precious things in my life by my self. That is also includes my discovery of Hayley in 2006 when she was 18 yrs I guess.
    I live in Sudan, Heart of Africa, a long distance to New Zealand…
    Also not lucky to attend any of Hayley’s performances, but she is inside my heart since 2006.
    I just wonder who is the lucky enough to have Hayley inside his heart…
    She is my favourite in everything and especially her soul

  19. Posted by Jinky    08/10/2012 22:53

    Christmas is around the corner. I really like Hayley’s version of Mary did you know. May I please know what key you sung this beautiful song. Warmest regards. Thank you.

    • Posted by Jinky    08/10/2012 22:59

      Also is there any music sheet available with you version?

  20. Posted by hana    10/08/2012 14:37

    I love your voice and songs.
    Your voice and songs are a solace to me.
    Thank you very much!!!

  21. Posted by Claudio Gutierrez_Chile    07/08/2012 14:48

    Estar encantado con la voz y música es lo mismo no tener dificultad en quererla , amarla y cuidarla. Entender que canta desde su alma es cerrar los hojos y sentir que canta solo para mí.

    Es lo mejor en música que he escuchado en años Felicidades.

  22. Posted by Jeff    11/05/2012 00:07

    The most beautiful voice I have ever heard. I became aware of this lovely talent while watching a PBS broadcast in Ohio, USA. I fell in Love with her talent and beauty. Thank you Hayley!

  23. Posted by Ethan (Lan)    09/03/2012 02:05

    She is the most beautiful singer, and the most beautiful woman in the world. Oh how God has blessed this woman.
    Best wishes, Hayley!!

  24. Posted by bill rathbone    17/02/2012 22:53

    amalia por amour is one of my favs along with heaven, nah they are all fantastic.

  25. Posted by Pavel    01/02/2012 04:31

    Как я вам завидую,вы видите её в живую можете посещать концерты.Я только по интернету слышу этот удивительно божественно прекрасный голос.

  26. Posted by Randy    20/01/2012 01:07

    Blessed by God, I’m glad to have lived at a time when I could hear her dynamic voice.

    • Posted by Frank    16/08/2013 14:27

      I feel exactly the same way. Amen!

  27. Posted by michael j rudolph    09/01/2012 17:39

    she is a great singer love her new album

  28. Posted by David Herd    18/11/2011 20:54

    When is the Video/DVD of the making of Paradiso expected to be available – anyone know??

  29. Posted by Thái Nguyên    24/10/2011 13:33

    Fantastic ! My favorite female vocalist !

  30. Posted by joel67    13/10/2011 18:02

    congratulations good music

  31. Posted by Jasper Seren    04/09/2011 16:37

    When are you coming to Calgary, Canada?

  32. Posted by Paul C    24/08/2011 00:27

    I found Hayley’s music about 4 years ago. Her magical voice still brings me to tears in a wonderful way.

    Keep up the great work Hayley. You’re a true blessing to this world.


  33. Posted by Fancy Dancer and the Beauty Heads -The Musical    15/08/2011 10:33

    With all my heart I believe Gabriel’s Oboe is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. Listening to Hayley singing Whispers in a Dream brought me close to tears it was so beautiful, Ennio and Hayley are blessed with God given gifts which they share with us all.
    Thank God !

  34. Posted by ALEJANDRO    04/08/2011 00:56


  35. Posted by ALEJANDRO    04/08/2011 00:55



  36. Posted by dhan paiton    01/08/2011 13:23

    Oh, how God shower you all such angelic voice. Bring Him all the glory using that talent. Please visit Philippines. Let me know when. SHALOM

  37. Posted by Margarita    31/07/2011 01:57

    I would like to see all the videos of Hayley Westenra
    please :D

  38. Posted by Fred Rose    30/07/2011 04:30

    My favorite female vocalist…such a talent.
    Looking forward to her new release!

  39. Posted by Artizanescu    09/07/2011 22:04

    Fantastic! Cele mai frumoase clipuri pe care le-am vazut!

  40. Posted by bobc    11/05/2011 15:54
  41. Posted by Victor C. Pankouken    28/04/2011 20:04

    Is it possible to have We’ll meet again on a record ?
    Victor C. Pankouken

    • Posted by Michele    23/10/2011 11:59

      Can you please tell me the name of the song Hayey sang at the end of the rugby world cup today? It was beautiful and I would like to get the song. Michele

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