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  1. Posted by MagSul    01/09/2017 18:55

    Ever since I stumbled upon “Pure” years ago, your voice has always made me smile when I’ve been feeling down. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world. ^.^

  2. Posted by Tom    25/04/2017 04:45

    Hayley, I love all your songs :)

  3. Posted by Jeff Eardley    24/02/2017 09:34

    Ms. Westenra, thank you for your work in producing the music that you have. I hope that you will produce more. I am going to find somewhere to buy your recordings. My oldest son (Gabriel age 12) likes your music as well. I only recently discovered your music. I see you have performed with Bryn Terfel. My Father was Welsh as well. I should very much like for you to perform in Savannah, GA, USA someday. If you do. I would very much like for my Wife and my boys to meet you. I would like to sing for you, as well. I’m not as good as Bryn, but he isn’t a tenor like me. Lol. Don’t know if you will ever read this, but it never hurts to try. God Bless you.

  4. Posted by Frank Martin    19/01/2017 02:33

    Hello from Spain:
    In Christmas I got a CD of Hayley: The Best
    Pokarekare Ana is the song of my girlfriend and mine from now.
    Thank you very much Hayley.

    • Posted by Frank Martin    21/01/2017 07:32

      En Navidades he conseguido un CD de Hailey: The Best
      Pokarekare Ana es desde ahora la canción de mi novia y mío.
      Muchas gracias Hayley.

  5. Posted by B Huber    17/01/2017 20:56

    Does anyone know how I can get a copy of Hayley’s song, “On The Wings Of Time”? Or can anyone refer me to someone that I can find out this information?


    • Posted by Dangerous    08/04/2017 17:03

      I bet I have got it.look for me David Hughes on facebook I have more than a thousand friends and 2 groups…

  6. Posted by Dragonmts    06/12/2015 12:40

    Hayley please visit us in South Africa! Your music is hauntingly beautiful and I can think of no better place to be than listening to you on my headphones with a glass of red wine!

  7. Posted by Rogério    24/06/2015 23:17

    Hi, why this website is not up to date anymore, I’m have no social media s I visit this site and wait for e-mails,but they never comes..
    Well, sorry my bad English, love Hayley’s Music.
    God bless everybody

    • Posted by Dangerous    04/11/2016 08:43

      Sir do not worry about you not speaking English, It does come through facebook and is translated so talk away to your hearts content,I love Hayley’s singing, yes she is the only singer to fetch tears out of my eyes…

      • Posted by Dangerous    08/04/2017 17:12

        I apologies to me I use my nickname…

      • Posted by Dangerous    08/04/2017 16:55

        Ok someone uses my army nickname and my full name and a photo,I dare you to use true key…

  8. Posted by love pure    23/04/2015 13:47

    thank you

  9. Posted by love pure    23/04/2015 13:46

    I am looking forward to your reply.

  10. Posted by love pure    23/04/2015 09:54

    Hello,hayley,这或许是你留言里最不同的一条了,因为它是用中文写成的,很抱歉我的引文不太好,我是个18岁的高中学生。当我第一次听到你的声音,就被深深地吸引了,你的声音有净化心灵的力量,我晚上经常听着它睡觉。its very very pure and beautiful. 我非常喜欢唱歌,特别是opera.I will be an opera tenor.I like Rolando Villazon very much.希望以后有机会像他一样和你合作concert或者music drama。like a grest artist .

  11. Posted by Rogério    15/10/2014 03:02

    Hello Hayley, I don’t know if you will really read this someday, but I have hope in this. I cannot lost the opportunity of say to you what I feel when I listen your voice. Your voice translate the human soul. If the soul could have a voice, that is your voice. (forgive my bad English, I’m brazilian). I listen you for the first time when I was looking for the Angra’s version of the music Wuthering Hights, and I found your version, was love in the first listen. I have to be sincere with you, I don’t have yours CDs, i just hear you in the internet. because here in Brazil you can’t find your Albuns, it’s so doficcult and expensive, I live in a catholic community, and here we liv the evangelic poor. I’m also studying to be a priest someday. I really pray for your carrer and too to you came to Brazil to make a show. God Bless your work, GOd bless you Hayley, never forget your roots.

    • Posted by Dangerous    04/11/2016 08:50

      I can assure you Hayley will read this and she will enjoy your writing so much…

  12. Posted by julia calderon    03/07/2014 23:18

    Thank you so much for your music, your voice. For enjoying what you do because we can feel that joy in your voice. I love your music. Thank you for believing in your dreams!

  13. Posted by Régis Jorge Gomes    22/03/2014 01:24

    Brasil-Campinas-SP, 21 de Março de 2014.

    Bom dia.

    Me perdoe não falar inglês. Mas quero deixar registrado aqui, o quanto sou agradecido por poder ouvir uma voz tão maravilhosa. Me soa como a um anjo cantando!

    Almejo que consiga conservar este maravilhoso instrumento que rebeste de Deus, esta voz.

    Ressalto que antes eu praticamente só ouvia musica instrumental, e alguns classicos de Maria Callas e Nana Mouscouri. Quando ouvi tua voz pela primeira vez, fiquei mesmo encantado.

    Minha vontade é que sua sensibilidade almente cada dia mais, no sentido de escolher cada vez melhor as músicas que canta.

    Se algum dia quiser gravar alguma música brasileira, tenho algumas sugestões que poderei lhe enviar. É só me pedir. Não tenho certeza mas me parece que já gravou uma de Heitor Vila Lobos.

    Do seu grande adminirador Brasileiro,

    sr. Régis Jorge Gomes

  14. Posted by Carl Shellenberger    29/12/2013 15:27

    Words can not describe on how wonderful you are, ever since I played Endless Ocean for the Wii, I learned about a heavenly singer from New Zealand. I hope to hear more music from you.

    • Posted by wombat_lover_2013    28/05/2014 15:06

      I remember seeing you in concert in Portland, Oregon many years ago! The place you and the group Celtic Woman performed was the Rose Garden Arena. Since then, the name of the place has changed to the Moda Arena. Just wanted to let you know how much I thouroughly loved hearing your voice!! God really blessed you with a magnificent singing voice, and would love to hear you again in concert!!! Love ya, Hayley!!!

  15. Posted by Joe    28/09/2013 16:11

    Absolutely flawless! Your voice is perfect! I never heard something so pleasent to my ears. You truly are an angel spreading the most amazing manifestation of divine love. I feel so honored to be able to hear something so perfect! Because of you, I feel more altogether. The love you shared in your music has touched me so deep and lifted my spirit so much. With so much love in myself now, I am spreading it everywhere around me too! What you have done to me and only me is absolutely amazing, so I can only imagine what you have done to the world! You deserve only the best at all times! Thank you so much! And oh, ‘I know just by knowing you, I was blessed. Yes, I was truly blessed!!!’

  16. Posted by Niccolò    19/09/2013 13:29

    You are amazing! I love your voice!! :) Will you come to Italy again? :)

  17. Posted by Hannah    25/08/2013 02:30

    Love you albums and your voice is amazing

    • Posted by Charles    03/10/2013 15:23

      Hayley Westenra, I love your beautiful voice and all your songs I have heard sofar. Can you please tell me how to buy a cd with you singing the great song “You raise me up”. Searching on the internet I couldn’t find it, sorry.
      Grz Charles (from the Netherlands).

  18. Posted by Garicai Samuel Manave    20/08/2013 09:32

    Hayley, i loved to watch some of you conserts i realu love it i hope one day to see you perfomings, so you are especial, your voice is beautiful.

  19. Posted by PeterJBowen    26/07/2013 04:14

    Hi Hayley, is it possible to get a signed copy of Hushabye – I would like to provide a copy to my newborn great-grandneice?
    Kind regards


  20. Posted by Mikie    08/07/2013 16:02

    Hayley – you have brought so much pleasure to so many through your music. I remember being on a treadmill at Aviano Air Base, Italy fitness center and seeing you on Good Morning America (I believe it was that show) back in 2004 or so. I was hooked immediately and knew that my wife would love your music as well. We have purchased all of your CD’s and while living in Europe, tried several times to see you in England. When will you tour the US??? Like so many others, we will travel to see you! We’re in our 50′s, so please don’t wait too long! LOL!

  21. Posted by Osama Sartawi    31/05/2013 21:06

    I listened to all your albums and I can’t decide which one is the best, because ALL of them are ‘THE BEST’.

    But I can’t find ‘HUSHABYE’ on iTunes

  22. Posted by Wally    30/05/2013 08:59

    I appreciate great talent, and Hayley certainly has that. I’ve been following her career for nearly 10 years and was well aware that as she matured her voice would improve greatly. I’ve given away much of her music for Christmas and other special occasions, and look forward to continue doing so.

    What is noticeable in her recent release of “HUSHABYE” is a marked improvement in the control of the vibrato in her voice.

    I wish her well as she continues in a very promising singing career, and in all aspects of her life. Here in the United States we have far too many performers that lose sight of the respect, or lack thereof, many of us have for how they conduct their personal lives. Comparatively speaking Hayley’s should be a role model for all of them which hopefully they will take notice of and emulate. What many performers do not realize is the effect they will have on those who follow their careers, for good or ill as the case may be

  23. Posted by Loly Cantani    23/05/2013 22:23

    Hi Hayley! I’m your “forever” fan from Jakarta, Indonesia. Looking forward to spending many an evening at your concerts here in Indonesia!

    • Posted by Edhy Rossy    31/08/2016 05:23

      Ok. Just wait for a moment

  24. Posted by Mark LeClair Sr    15/05/2013 05:16

    No singer or songstress has ever captivated my soul as has Hayley. I find that I can not only listen to her music for countless hours on end…but, I don’t wish to listen to any other music. There is something magical in her voice that reaches to the depths of the human soul and embraces the spirit wholly satisfying to the very depths of human emotion. In my 54 years, I have never heard anything like it. There are moments when I believe that God has loaned mankind one of his Devine angels to sooth and caress the hearts of mankind….

    • Posted by Star and Stone    03/06/2013 23:03

      As I posted on the Canadian version of iTunes® in my review of Odyssey, Hayley’s voice leads us to the trembling edge of the abyss, yet we plunge over anyway, so overtaken, spirit and mind, by the sheer beauty of her voice. There has never been a Hayley Westenra in this world. We are blessed to have her. Like Mark, I can (and do) listen to her all day, and only stray for the likes of Yo Yo Ma. Truly an amazing artist, an amazing soul is among us.

  25. Posted by bruno kanno    10/04/2013 13:48

    Happy Birthday, Hayley!!!!

    I wish happiness for you.You’re so amazing,gracefull,pretty.
    You have a sweet voice,my angel.

  26. Posted by westerngirl5    09/04/2013 12:00

    Hayley’s voice just keeps getting better and better! It’s so angelic, I love it! One of the best voices I’ve ever heard – this is just perfect, well done, Hayley!

  27. Posted by Joseph    21/03/2013 16:42

    Haley, I appreciate your personal voice contribution to music. The perfect pitch, and subtle flourishes in your songs are very tasteful. Not sure you will ever make it to Omaha, Nebraska (central USA) but I rate you as my favorite singer for your quality. Thank you for setting an example as well by partnering with UNICEF. Many gifted people in this world would do better by acting as a good steward as you have. So thank you for sharing your love and talent and displaying poise and grace for the world to be reminded of what is good in life. You are an outstanding person in our generation, so I pray for you to keep your energy going towards these good things.

  28. Posted by V. Lau    03/02/2013 20:42

    Moro em Natal – Brasil , e gostaria de comprar o CD PARADISO, como eu faço?
    Está maravilhoso, a seleção de músicas, voz angélica, lindo !…….

  29. Posted by le vu quy    09/01/2013 14:07

    so good..great job..Hayley

  30. Posted by timphillipsatliveuk    22/12/2012 04:19

    Hayley its quite simple, You truly have the voice, that any person on this earth, would love to have and, i can not think of anything, more valuable in this world to me, than being able to hear you, as it brings so much happiness to my life .Your voice also tends to slow things down, in such a fast moving world .I can not wait until you one day, perform in Cardiff wales, so that i can bring my children to see you sing.
    (Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda to chi a’ch teulu)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  31. Posted by david fairless    15/12/2012 16:09

    I first heard Hayley quite recently on Andre Rieu’s ‘And The Walz Goes On. She was singing the most enchanting and spectacular song in the world, Dreaming of New Zealand.

  32. Posted by Bill Ryan    17/11/2012 12:57

    Please consider a U.S. tour. We would travel to see you…

  33. Posted by Stephen    10/11/2012 21:22

    The most gorgeous angel with the voice that cannot be beaten. I wish that I could meet her in person in would be an honour.

  34. Posted by michael cheevers    06/08/2012 23:35

    I first heard you sing live at the National Concert Hall in Dublin in june what a wonderful performance your voice had us all spellbound. I hope you will visit us again soon

  35. Posted by Jonathan    11/07/2012 01:28

    I can picture it right now: Her singing the United States of America National Anthem. She will become the best female singer in all of the U.S. if she sang that.

  36. Posted by Jonathan    11/07/2012 01:03

    For those of you who want to listen to the songs i mentioned above, either download them, or play Endless Ocean for Wii.

  37. Posted by Jonathan    11/07/2012 00:59

    I think my favorite song you sang was Prayer; Amazing Grace and The Water is Wide are tied for a very close second.

  38. Posted by Jonathan    11/07/2012 00:58

    Ever since I played the Endless Ocean game for Wii, and i heart your voice for the first time, i fell in love. that’s been over three years ago. You literally have the voice of an angel. I have all your songs.

  39. Posted by Alex    27/05/2012 16:31

    There are angels on earth, So glad I came upon Hayley last year now I’m in heaven.

  40. Posted by    25/04/2012 15:36

    Hayley, I love your singing and you as well. I love you.

  41. Posted by Dave H    11/03/2012 19:31

    Thanks so much Hayley for your beautiful voice its like a river of gold flowing down threw the mountains. I could listen to your voice for ever it bring so much peace to my soul. Your voice and yourself bring so much beauty and peace to the world. Thanks so much.
    May you always have a fair wind and following seas.

    love always to you

    Dave H

  42. Posted by Applezach    29/02/2012 04:52

    Can’t beat the ‘River of Dreams’ album! ;o)

  43. Posted by Jesus Franco Leon    26/02/2012 02:30

    Canta como un Angel !!!

  44. Posted by Bracker    15/02/2012 18:04

    Whisper In A Dream strong liveliness, high spirits, Lezione Di Musica vivace e andante, Malena boundlessnes of space, sweetness, deep sky, La Califa caress’ vibrations, waves of sweetness, fullness, deep nature ; Great, Great, Great !!!

  45. Posted by Loly Cantani    01/12/2011 23:08

    Hi Hayley! When will u perform your beautiful voice in Indonesia again? I was there when u sang some beautiful duets with Andrea Bocelli @ Ritz Carlton, Jakarta… I’m a big fan of yours since 4ever!!

  46. Posted by G    23/11/2011 07:22

    Hayley, fantastic concert in Wellington last Friday. I took my Grandmother and we loved it. A very special evening indeed, you sang like an angel. I think my late Grandfather was there in spirit – you made me feel very thankful. You are a wonderful ambassador for New Zealand :)

  47. Posted by daniel rincon    08/11/2011 07:49

    Hi from Colombia, i saw your song in a local channel(live performance), my fav song is ‘Shenandoah’ now, Thanks for that music, i bought Dido Armstrong albums because is a good music, maybe ill buy your albums, treasure and paradise

  48. Posted by Brandyn Burget    02/11/2011 01:47

    Oh my Gosh. I JUST discovered Hayley…wow. Her voice is beautiful. Love it!! You should come to Nebraska!! Haha. Your voice is so pure! It’s captivating, really! And you’re such a pretty lady, and from your bio, very caring and generous. The perfect woman.

  49. Posted by elna    14/09/2011 06:16

    Hayley your voice is enchanting. You bring such pleasure to my life, I can only wish you a life of contentment and joy.
    The Canadian iTunes store has a very limited collection of your works (Paradiso, among other albums/compilations, are not on there) – please make all of your albums available to your Canadian fans – we LOVE you! Hope you come to Montreal, Canada some time in the near future! Best wishes :)

  50. Posted by ANDERSON    09/09/2011 18:03

    Hayley come sing in Brazil, we want to see a spectacle yours. you have two careers to be followed, soprano, and Miss Universe.

  51. Posted by Ken Garner    16/08/2011 17:39

    Her Voice has put Tears in my Eyes, My Heart fills Her Lyrics. The Voice of an Angel. Thank You Hayley :) xo

  52. Posted by Alethira    16/08/2011 13:42

    She has the most beautiful voice, I have ever heard of.
    She is really amazing!!

  53. Posted by Elio Domingos Rufino    15/08/2011 23:44

    It´s a good sensation to me to get knowing Hayley Westenra I felt the presence of God on her voice she is fantastic I love her songs.

  54. Posted by mehrdad    15/08/2011 19:41

    how download gabriels track?

  55. Posted by mehrdad    15/08/2011 16:28

    Hayley westerna! you are BEST! Really!

  56. Posted by Steve    01/08/2011 22:59

    You are the only singer who has moved me to tears with the beauty of her voice.You have a great gift from God that is certain. I have pre ordered your new album and eagerly look forward to hearing it in full. I wish you every success both now and in the future.

  57. Posted by Naiara Cristina    19/07/2011 14:38

    Hayley Westenra é a melhor cantora de todos os tempos, sua voz é maravilhosa!

    • Posted by ANDERSON    09/09/2011 18:07

      Ai Naiara tens razão, ela é a melhor, do seculo isso tenho certeza. parece que vai demorar anos pra ela vir ao Brasil, ela está mais na Europa, e na Asia!

  58. Posted by David Foote    13/07/2011 15:19

    No I won’t be going now as your tickets are all sold out…there will be a next time!

  59. Posted by David Foote    13/07/2011 15:09

    I am from NZ originally so your music always makes me think of home, family etc. I miss it!

  60. Posted by David Foote    13/07/2011 15:08

    Kings Lynn UK is up the road from me so I am looking forward to seeing you on ther 24th July for the first time. Have all your albums so far and your new album looks a goodie!! If you ever need a drummer or percussionest, really cheap then get in touch. Have a great tour! David (

  61. Posted by Jonathan    08/07/2011 01:30

    This new album is absolutly original
    Well done Hayley

  62. Posted by Donald A. Gum    31/05/2011 20:49

    Hayley, I am amazed every time I hear your beautiful voice. I can’t wait to get and hear your new album and add it to my collection of all your other albums. Don

  63. Posted by Tommy    31/05/2011 13:39

    Hayley, I saw you last night on the PBS Memorial Day Concert. OMG! I fell in love with your voice. I’m in Iraq now but when I get home I’ll be buying all. You are so “christine” from Phantom. You are amazing. A fan of undying loyalty….Tommy

  64. Posted by Victor C. Pankouken    28/04/2011 20:10

    Not only that. It doesn’t even have We’ll meet again… in it.
    Victor C. Pankouken

  65. Posted by bobc    22/04/2011 21:04

    Kim, this is working for me …..anyone else having problems ?

  66. Posted by Kimberly    22/04/2011 04:32

    It’s really too bad that this music player won’t stream for everybody. :(

    • Posted by gratiman    23/04/2011 21:27

      I totally agree, that hurts

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