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  1. Posted by Arif Farooq    09/05/2013 19:03

    the”Paradiso” CD was simply breathtaking…heavenly music with heavenly voice and performance blended so beautifully made us live in a different world…this CD is made up in the clouds. cheers

  2. Posted by westerngirl5    09/04/2013 11:54

    does anyone know if Hayley Westenra’s coming to the UK?
    I love Hayley Westenra she is sooooo amazing wish I could see her in concert and I love all of her songs, she has the voice of an angel

  3. Posted by Danielle    02/03/2013 06:05

    Will Hayley be coming out to the U.S. for a tour? I REALLLLLLLY wanna see her in concert but I don’t have the money to fly our there :( Seeing her in concert is now on my bucket list!

  4. Posted by Kevin    30/01/2013 01:27

    Hayley You are welcome to sing at a Flyers Sixers Eagles or Phillies Game in Philly or West Chester University or the Boro thereof home to Samuel Barber

    • Posted by Kevin    30/01/2013 01:29

      on TWITTER?

  5. Posted by Haley    19/01/2013 12:35

    Dear Hayley…
    I’ve heard from friends that you would come to China this year? Is that really the truth? I am REALLY very looking forward to your concert in China…I will be very exciting if you can come here…

  6. Posted by Matt    28/12/2012 00:02

    Could you sing with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra ? They have hosted similar artists in the past, and you would be fantastic with them.

  7. Posted by WayneCarly    12/12/2012 23:50

    Hi Hayley,

    when are you coming back to the north east of England. I would love to Duet with you Hayley….your voice is amazing, you and me sound amazing on who painted the moon black?

  8. Posted by Magne    03/12/2012 19:53

    When is Hayley coming to Norway?

  9. Posted by Johns    17/11/2012 21:23

    Hi Hayley,
    When are you on tour in Dubai, UAE
    waiting to see you and hear your voice of music that God has given to you,

  10. Posted by NAJ910    13/09/2012 21:10

    Hi Hayley,
    When are you on tour in uk again,
    Thanks Neil.

  11. Posted by Rayman    07/09/2012 17:26

    hi hayley, i’m a huge fan, i made karaoke version of one of your songs, and wanted to put a free download of it on my website but, i wasn’t sure about the copy right laws on it.

  12. Posted by olivo    15/05/2012 16:55


  13. Posted by Vinerius    15/05/2012 01:01

    Hope it goes well in Dublin. I hope you come to revisit Montreal one year. I would love to see you live. :)

  14. Posted by bruno kanno    10/04/2012 21:02

    Happy Birthday, Hayley.
    You’re so beautiful and graceful.
    My biggest present which i give to you is my love for you.
    Good Luck,my little fairy.

  15. Posted by Dennis    03/04/2012 10:13

    I would also like to see her in Birmingham,I went up to Manchester the Bridgewater Hall last month and she was fantastic she even stayed after the show, to talk to every single person who waited to say hello, the girls got so much talent and I wish her all the very best , hope to see you soon

  16. Posted by sirtarin    01/04/2012 03:48

    I would be thrilled if you would perform in Omaha, Nebraska when you next tour the US.

  17. Posted by rauleduardo    01/04/2012 01:42

    I love you

  18. Posted by Tyler Buckley    22/03/2012 18:28

    i hope that you come to las vegas nevada on one of your tours i love your voice and you were awsome in celtic woman group you truely have the voice of an angel

  19. Posted by Jay    19/03/2012 04:39

    Love your music. Next time you’re in New York I’d really like to attend one of your concerts. I was a first responder on 9/11 and my health is not the best because of it so it’s difficult for me to travel but for you I’d make it to see you.

  20. Posted by Hayleysfan040911    13/03/2012 21:57

    I was lucky enough to be at Hayley’s Concert last Thursday Evening (08th March 2012) @ Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre and it was the first time I’d seen her live. The Concert was in such an intimate setting that no one was very far away from the stage, an ideal venue for those like myself lucky enough to have been part of such an adoring and appreciative audience. Hayley’s voice was so pure and enveloping, truly an Evening I shall never forget! We love you Hayley, go girl go xxx

  21. Posted by Paulo H C P Romani    15/02/2012 11:16

    Does anyone know when Hayley is going to tour in Brasil ?
    I love her ! She´s a angel ! I live in Santos, one of the most important city of State of São Paulo.

  22. Posted by gordon    03/02/2012 21:51

    any chance of haley ever coming to scotland, wood be wonderful !!!!

  23. Posted by mariod    02/02/2012 13:14

    I live in Moscow. Their a lot of peoples who love classic music. It will be amazing if Hayley come to the Russia.

  24. Posted by Sarah Williams    28/01/2012 21:52

    I am a huge fan and I would love it Hayley if you could come to the states hopefully to Kansas City, I love to hear you singing and actually one of my favorite songs is the song that you sing on the rugby world cup it sound so amazing.

  25. Posted by Marg    24/01/2012 22:55

    Any concerts in London between 11th- 14th March?

  26. Posted by Katia    22/01/2012 21:57

    Hi Hayley!! You’ve done this wonderful album with Ennio Morricone and don’t come in Italy for a concert???
    I don’t believe this!!
    UK-Italy isn’t a log jurney ;)

  27. Posted by banaltra    19/01/2012 13:21

    Hi guys, just wondering if Hayley is planning on performing in Ireland at any point?

  28. Posted by Amy    18/01/2012 01:01

    I am a huge fan of Hayley and would love it if she came to either Worcester, MA or Boston, MA here in the USA.

    • Posted by steve crowley    25/04/2012 02:49

      I too would love to see her come to new England. Can’t think of anything on earth I’d like better than see her live and even better get to meet her. She’s truly wonderful !

  29. Posted by Ben    12/01/2012 07:20

    Hayley, I know there are so many people here already begging you to tour in the USA, particularly in the Southern California. And I am one of them… So please please please…. It would be awesome to listen to you live. Thanks.

  30. Posted by hankchifan    07/01/2012 07:44

    Hayley ,you are the best female classical singer/crossover as far as I am concerned. Would you consider rejoining Celtic Woman in 2012?; Lisa Watson is going on maternity leave and they seem to be short.. This way we can see you in the USA more often,. Or if not, do you have any plans to tour the US in 2012? The New Journey Celtic Woman video is the prettiest music I have ever heard, I am getting all my friends to buy it,

  31. Posted by Ryan    04/01/2012 00:01

    Hayley Westenra = Best Ever!! <3

  32. Posted by Allison    03/01/2012 00:35

    Thank you for bringing beautiful music to my life! Does anyone know if Hayley is touring Australia or New Zealand in 2012?

  33. Posted by Daniel    15/12/2011 17:05

    Hayley: I discover you a few days ago, on a tv show and I really like the way you sing, and the songs you select to sing. God bless you !!!

  34. Posted by Kevin    10/12/2011 03:33

    I agree…Hayley was wonderful with Celtic Woman and it would be great to see her reunite with them…Lisa Kelly will be taking a leave of absence due to her being pregant with her 4th child so the Celtic Woman will have another opening since there will only be 2 singers and the violinist left….I wish Hayley would come to America on tour….I for one would pay anything to see her

  35. Posted by Ms. Tina from So. Cal    08/12/2011 04:06

    If only Hayley could rejoin Celtic Woman for their 2012 Believe Tour.

  36. Posted by vansplunter eric    19/11/2011 13:13

    I will be there the 04/03/2012 to northampton dengate , an unforgettable as soirèe has each concert of hayley westenra

  37. Posted by Applezach    12/11/2011 12:08

    doh! ;o)

  38. Posted by Applezach    12/11/2011 12:08

    Does anyone know if and where you can but vip tickets from for a uk concert?
    Would love to have my photo taken with her if possible, yes I’m a geek but I listen to her music just about every day.

  39. Posted by Brian C    10/11/2011 07:18

    I am an ex-pat from the UK working in Beijing…..I saw Hayley here supporting Andrea Boccelli…she got an outstanding reception/ovation, and rightly so…she was amazing…..any plans for her doing a solo concert here. I am sure it would prove extremely popular & a certain sell out.

  40. Posted by Dennis W    23/10/2011 11:43

    Hayley, your singing of the NZ National Anthem brought me to tears, never have I heard it sung so beautifully.
    I am a kiwi living in Australia and you made me homesick for NZ and extremely proud to be a Kiwi.

    All the very best in your life and your career. GO YOU GREAT KIWI.


  41. Posted by Mikie    17/10/2011 22:21

    Hayley – tried to see you several times (in England) when we lived in Germany…now we’re back in the US and you aren’t coming here~!!! Why not??? We love you too! I was finally able to get tickets to see Andrea Bocelli – I know you have done duets/shows with him before. Yours is the only other voice we want to hear besides his…that’s the top of our bucket list!

  42. Posted by Suzanna    13/10/2011 12:34

    Haley, please come to the United States and to Phoenix, AZ specifically!

  43. Posted by EddNesbitt    08/10/2011 00:19

    When MEXICO!
    I totally would love to see you in Latimarica.
    Mexico Loves You!

  44. Posted by kitty    05/10/2011 17:00

    Please come to Kent I live in maidstone and am only 14 so cannot drive to see you, Kent or near Kent would be perfect fridays or weekends and near the 4th october.(my birthday). please. :)

  45. Posted by Colin Chatfield    04/10/2011 10:32

    Hi everyone.
    I’m a recent convert to the music of Hayley. I sing with a group of people who perform for charity and would love to find a site where I can find some sheet music., preferably to download.

    Colin Chatfield- Banbury Oxfordshire UK

  46. Posted by Jürgen Schneider von Leuchtenburg    23/09/2011 20:27

    Dear Hayley,
    I read you go to New Zealand in this November. Well, i´d like to go there next summer (if everythings going right) to vistit your home country.
    And its often sayed, but I say it again: please come to Germany(Bavaria if possible).

    Jürgen von Leuchtenburg

  47. Posted by Paul    09/09/2011 20:55

    Why is there no birmingham dates? please add more dates in the midlands.

  48. Posted by lzh    05/09/2011 22:32

    Do anyone know if Hayley is having any concert in USA??
    I live in Austin, TX, I really hope she will have a performance at here.

    • Posted by EddNesbitt    08/10/2011 00:19

      I totally would like an US tour including some cities in TX

  49. Posted by Nedaa    02/09/2011 20:46

    Hi Hayley,i am Nedaa from Qatar.I’d like to tell you that you are very value and special to me so …Thank you very much for all your beautiful songs that you performed.i love you and i love all celtic women.please May you greet Chloe.God bless you.

  50. Posted by mr donald burns    31/08/2011 08:50

    Gosh Hayley, you are just wonderful. I wonder why classicFM aren’t playing your music. I shall not go back to them until they do. I shall listen to my own Hayley CD’s , Who could want more?

  51. Posted by Ptiseb83    29/08/2011 00:07

    hello d’autres dates en europe, Angleterre, France , ….????

  52. Posted by WanosDLanos    25/08/2011 18:46

    Hayley, please come to the USA, west coast! Please!!!!!!!! I’ve been a fan of you for almost a decade. I can’t believe US music is just this R&B hip hop pop junk!!!

  53. Posted by newbad    25/08/2011 17:59

    The west coast of the US would love a visit from Hayley! Come perform in the beautiful city of light—Seattle, Washington! We would LOVE to have you visit and perform in our beautiful Benaroya Hall with the Seattle Symphony! Please come!

  54. Posted by Sébastien    24/08/2011 18:36

    Hello Hayley,

    As other people here, I’m just an big fan. You have a voice so rare and so wonderful, it’s an real pleasure to hear your songs.

    I really hope that you will spend one day in France (at Paris), I’m sure the French public will be present to listen to you. In any case I do.

    All the best for your career and your new album “Paradiso” (as you :D).


  55. Posted by Kimberlee Thorne-Waintraub    23/08/2011 13:14


    I’m your biggest fan! Please do a South American tour. I’m an American living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and this country appreciates and supports fine arts and beautiful music so much. I’m a low profile artist myself and your music is angelical, it carries me away to heaven and inspires me to emulate your unique and heartfelt style that I can’t remember feeling in any other artist…

    • Posted by EddNesbitt    08/10/2011 00:22

      Mexico Loves You Aswell! :) Please come to Latinamerica!

  56. Posted by Carole Jennings    18/08/2011 10:35

    I heard your interview with Allan Jones tonight am not sure when it was done but thought it was great I have a number of your cd’s-PURE, MY GIFT TO YOU,CELTIC TREASURE,ODYSSEY,CELTIC WOMAN /A NEW JOURNEY,and one just called HALEY WESTENRA. I am about to buy your new cd PARADISO I was wondering when you will be touring Australia I will be the first in line for tickets.

  57. Posted by Netzahualcóyotl    09/08/2011 02:59

    Hello! Hayley
    I thank you for your beautiful songs, because thanks to it last night I concentrate on my studies and again thank you very much.

  58. Posted by MARK GRIFFIN    02/08/2011 20:58


  59. Posted by Lee Fletcher    31/07/2011 22:24

    Surely the two live concerts in Wales aren’t the only live shows she’s doing in the UK this year are they? Does anybody know of any live concerts she’s doing in the west midlands at any point this year? If so please let me know ASAP, Lee.

  60. Posted by MICHAEL HILL    30/07/2011 06:30


  61. Posted by a_s_h_1_2_3    29/07/2011 18:21

    Hayley! please come to Canada!!!! :)

  62. Posted by Wesley Axel Dean    27/07/2011 05:55

    Hey hayley… Please come to The netherlands some time soon:) Would love hearing your voice over here ^^


  63. Posted by Alik    22/07/2011 16:57

    Hi Hayley, God blessed you with beautiful voice and hope you will make right choices on how to use it!!!
    I wish you al the best in life!!!

  64. Posted by philip magee    05/07/2011 00:17

    i am really looking to having your new album it really sounds wonderful and i think that it is one of the best albums which is really well suit to your wonderful voice and i am hoping that you will return to northampton soon so i can enjoy your wonderful show philip magee

  65. Posted by Pavle    29/06/2011 08:18

    when is she singing in London?? :)
    love you Hayley!

  66. Posted by Kevin    25/06/2011 08:17

    welcome to Malta at 7 july 2011,,,, with tenor Joseph Calleja.

  67. Posted by kris    22/06/2011 05:22


    You truly have an absolutely beautiful voice!
    Please have a US tour, specifically Florida.

    All the best,

  68. Posted by David    09/06/2011 13:07

    We would love to see you in Florida, too :-)

  69. Posted by José Luis Herrera A.    02/06/2011 15:48

    Hola Hayley ! Sería maravilloso verte en Colombia …..eres absolutamente bella y tienes la voz mas hermosa que he escuchado….me encanta la música que interpretas . Si cuando te veo y oigo en videos me quedo como sin aire….si te llego a ver en persona …seguro me desmayo!
    Como decimos por aquí en Bogotá (Colombia): “Ahh malhaya mi soltería !!!!!!!! recorrería medio mundo a buscarte……..muchos éxitos y gracias….chao Hayley

    • Posted by EddNesbitt    08/10/2011 00:20

      Mexico Loves you aswell! :)

  70. Posted by philip magee    29/05/2011 20:23

    dear hayley westenra i love your show at the northampton dergate and you also have a wonderful voice and i would like to know if you will be coming back to northampton as i look forward to seeing you at northampton philip magee

  71. Posted by Phil    29/05/2011 19:23

    Dear Hayley

    Is there anywhere I can find out your UK dates for 2011/12.

    Yours hopefully
    Phil & Linda

  72. Posted by nigel    24/05/2011 14:26

    hi i last saw hayley in sailsbury her music is so heart warming i live in the uk cant wait to see her again

  73. Posted by Squid    21/05/2011 17:16

    Dear Hayley

    What a beautiful voice to an incredibly beautiful Lady!!

    We miss you here in Sweden! When will you bless us with your presence? I promise there will be no polar bears here to bother you if you come.

    Best wishes/

  74. Posted by kanompia    21/05/2011 02:41

    Thailand is waiting for you.

  75. Posted by kenny    20/05/2011 20:17

    when is hayley touring ireland.

  76. Posted by Antonioklb1    16/05/2011 18:22

    When is Hayley coming to California?!?!?!? or to the USA?!?!?

  77. Posted by David M    15/05/2011 10:05

    Good Morning Hayley

    Can you please advise me of your performing dates in England, Europe & Australia for the next twelve months as we are planning a holiday & would like to attend a performance of yours during our holiday

  78. Posted by Janieve    15/05/2011 03:56

    why not in the Philippines? please!

  79. Posted by Allison    14/05/2011 07:38

    Hi Hayley,

    I love your voice. Could you please advise if and when you will be performing again in NZ (as we will travel from Australia). Maybe Australia??

    Thank you for the music!!


  80. Posted by Tom    12/05/2011 14:21

    Daer Hayley, please come for Concerts to Germany. I was just for your Concert with Jonathan Ansell travel to London, “the valentines tour”…Please, you have many fans in Germany

  81. Posted by Firdausi17    12/05/2011 09:18

    Please come to Singapore.
    I beg you Hayley!!


    • Posted by JadeFaith    18/08/2011 08:17


  82. Posted by Michael    09/05/2011 20:55

    It’s nice to know that Hayley is ok after the earthquake. :) I haven’t seen much of her recently. How about a tour that includes Dallas, Texas or nearby? :D

    • Posted by EddNesbitt    08/10/2011 00:21

      Yeah! come to the Lone Star State! :)
      I’d love to see you at the Majestic Theare in San Antonio, TX

  83. Posted by Edmund K Lo    09/05/2011 06:20

    I wish Hayley Westenra to come to South California for a
    future concert & hope of metting her.
    Good luck Hayley…
    Edmund K Lo

  84. Posted by carlos    07/05/2011 22:53

    Dear HAYLEY:

    I’m in love with you! You’re beautiful in every way! I live in Brazil, Brasilia, the capital. I knew you through the song “Wuthering Heiths” and fell in love with you! When you come to Brazil? I would really like you to know that this is, with all respect to others, the most beautiful country in the world! I’m sending attached a wonderful music, I would like you to hear and consider in writing, okay? The song is “We two,” a famous Brazilian song. Hayley, I do not speak English, I’m using a translator instantaneous. Please answer me this email, yes? I love you baby. KISSES IN YOUR HEART
    CARLOS HENRIQUE. carloscazé

    • Posted by WayneCarly    12/12/2012 23:53

      Carlos, Hayley has a partner

  85. Posted by stephen booth    07/05/2011 21:00


  86. Posted by Victor C. Pankouken    28/04/2011 20:08

    Come on, NZ Scout Contingent, bring her along to the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden for the Opening Ceremony.
    Victor C. Pankouken

  87. Posted by Annie    28/04/2011 16:29

    I live in Hungary… so i wish I would be go to a concert… :-)
    The new albun will be fantastic. I am waiting it so much!

  88. Posted by LeighV    28/04/2011 12:01

    It would be great to see Hayley back in NZ and Australian as well. Its been far too long!!

  89. Posted by Paige F    22/04/2011 17:07

    I would so love for Hayley to tour across the USA! I think Pennsylvania would be a lovely place to start! LOL

  90. Posted by bobc    22/04/2011 15:39

    For US fans …..check this link …..

  91. Posted by lzh    22/04/2011 15:00

    Will Hayley come to US?

    • Posted by Kate Gaddis    15/05/2011 01:42


      • Posted by michael k britt    27/10/2011 01:34

        it would be awesome if she came to the us.. id definantly travel anywhere to see her

        • Posted by cathie121    03/11/2011 16:25

          I agree! It would be awesome if she came to the US!!!

          • Posted by lovelycelticopera    27/11/2011 01:01

            I’d really love it if Hayley would make a stop in the Kansas City area!! I’m not able to travel any farther than that! >:(

  92. Posted by Olivia    21/04/2011 17:44

    does anyone know if or when Hayley is going to tour in birmingham? Any info will be helpful thanks xx

    • Posted by WayneCarly    12/12/2012 23:51

      am sure Hayley has a lot of work to do Olivia….

    • Posted by Angie    20/11/2012 21:12

      Hi. I have been waiting ages for Hayley to come to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. I saw her there about 4 years ago but it seems that Liverpool cannot attract many excellent artistes. It is frustrating as I have all her CDs. Many of my friends have never heard of her and that makes me sad. I hope she does a full UK tour soon.

    • Posted by pavanepouruneinfantedefunte    12/05/2012 11:45

      I love Hayley!!! I have loved her since I bought Endless Ocean Wii! That was 4 years ago and I still love Hayley! I play the french horn in Wind Ensemble (highest honor in band) and my favorite song to play is Pavane pour une infante defunte. My favorite song from Hayley is Never Say Goodbye. I wish I could see you in the US, I’d be the happiest 13 year old in the world!

      • Posted by Taylor    17/07/2012 00:54

        That is so cool! I’m have almost the exact same story! I bought Endless ocean about 4 years ago and fell in love with Hayley’s voice. I too play Horn in wind ensemble! If only she would tour here! :(

        Dear Hayley/Hayley’s Management:

        I counted 21 people here who are BEGGING for you to tour here in the USA! And on the small chance you actually read this and actually consider it, please make a stop in the ALABAMA/Georgia area… Please? I’ve always wanted to see you live, and in my current position, it would be impossible to see you anywhere else. :( Please? For all your desperate fans here in the US,


        • Posted by Auggie    02/10/2012 23:15

          I to love Hayley Westenras voice so angelic. I first saw her on PBS TV singing Scarborough Fair with Celtic Woman. I am now an official Celtic Woman groupie and have 2 CD`s of Hayley Westenra. I am Rock and Roll all day but Hayley`s voice is so amazing it melts me. I really want her to tour the US. I would pay to see her sing the Dictionary if I had to. Please Hayley come to the Carolina`s Peace and Love Auggie

    • Posted by James K. Parker    07/05/2012 23:21

      How about one more USA fan hungry for Hayley’s wonderful voice! Please consider Minnesota-especially Minneapolis or St. Paul. We love quality music here. We are strong on the fine arts and PBS. We have many fine, usable venues. I know you could sell out almost any venue for sure. Please, please, please! I will be your Twin Cities ambassador! Sincerely, James.