Paradiso Photoshoot

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  1. Posted by Gary S    28/08/2014 09:02

    That pink dress & the scooter is a sexy combination….Hayley is an icon!

  2. Posted by rosie    21/03/2013 04:06

    Hey Hayley, I’m a Chch gal too, wow it is amazing to see all the places in the world people are writing to you from, Africa, Russia, South America, Asia – everywhere! I used to see your parents in Cashel St when I worked there and I always wanted to run up and say I LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER, SHE IS AAAAMAZING but at the same time I thought that might freak them out a bit, so now I’m putting it here for the record. Lols!

  3. Posted by Ben    24/02/2013 14:41

    i am Ben, your loyal fan as well,, when you plan to visit Shen Zhen city, CHINA ? an angel come here, that would be amazing !! Shenzhen fans club of hayley,, contact

    • Posted by Juliet    24/08/2013 16:35

      Glad to hear you! ! I am also a fan of Hayley for totally 5 years from Zhuhai . Wish hayley can hold her solo concert in Guangdong someday

  4. Posted by Sarah Boucher    22/01/2013 19:17

    Hayley, have you seen a TVNZ Sign Off? Too bad my xfinity doesn’t have it here in USA. All TV Channels here in USA have is ‘Star Spangled Banner” in my country at sign offs.

  5. Posted by Vincent    30/01/2012 14:33


  6. Posted by Jonathan Miller    17/01/2012 16:14

    I just downloaded Paradiso on to my iPod and am thoroughly enjoying it

  7. Posted by jorge    03/12/2011 18:40

    really,you are a beautiful girl you leave me amazed by your beauty, I am amazed by your beautiful voice sincerally Jorge from Honduras, C.A.

  8. Posted by trong huu    22/11/2011 16:11

    Drear hayley !
    You are very beautyful ! I love you and your songs .

  9. Posted by Coastrocks    16/10/2011 11:22

    Amazing voice

  10. Posted by Mike    06/10/2011 23:41

    You are very, very beautiful!

  11. Posted by Fancy Dancer and the Beauty Heads -The Musical    14/08/2011 14:09

    Ennio’s beautiful music and Hayley’s beautiful angelic voice, are true blessings from God.
    Gabriel’s Oboe is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written and for Hayley to lend her God given sweet voice to such a piece will bring joy to so many people.
    A little piece of Heaven on Earth !

  12. Posted by Ken Garner    11/08/2011 18:23

    You Have Made my Day Angel :) A Birthday Wish Come True. Love Your Voice Ken6Strings

  13. Posted by R@in    11/08/2011 16:46

    So beautiful

  14. Posted by Gary    12/07/2011 23:34

    You have plenty of fans, as one can see on this page, so I will not try to ‘out-do’ anyone. Just count my voice an one in thousands who say your singing is the most beautiful I have ever been privileged to hear. I fell in love with you and your voice since seeing you on Keltic Woman. I can’t help but cry when I hear you sing “may it be”. God bless you.

  15. Posted by Sean Mulligan    01/07/2011 21:41

    First saw you sing in 2003 in the Royal Albert Hall. Have been a true dedicated fan of you and your angelic voice ever since. Have obtained a copy of Paradiso from NZ, You and your voice are as beautiful as ever. Truly enchanting. XX

  16. Posted by Daniel    01/07/2011 18:06

    Wow, your voice is amazing, i heear your voice for first time in one video where you sing with andrea Boccelli, vivo per lei, and i love your voice is so beutiful, is how to listen on angel

  17. Posted by Kevin    24/06/2011 21:38

    welcome in malta, at floriana , thanks for coming

  18. Posted by Susan Bampton    06/06/2011 09:32

    Hi Hayley
    Just heard from a very special friend of mine that you sang at his mothers funeral a few years ago in NZ – I mentioned to him that you have the voice of an angel. Bless You!

  19. Posted by Frienties    18/05/2011 18:52

    I love you Hayley.

  20. Posted by Pauline    15/05/2011 13:44

    加加油!海莉!两天后,在台北的演唱会加油噢!Greedings from China\Taiwan.

  21. Posted by Gavin Croy    11/05/2011 14:31

    You are the most beautiful girl in the world ,you must
    also be an angel,also you have the most beautiful voice.
    God bless you and your family

  22. Posted by kenny    10/05/2011 00:51

    when is haley coming to belfast?

  23. Posted by lawrence    09/05/2011 04:06

    Hayley, your music is and always will be beautiful to listen to and appreciated by my wife and I. you are top of my list in all my cd’s and dvd’s. You have matured so wonderfully over these last few years and since I heard you sing at The Palms in Shirley, Christchurch.
    God bless and keep you.

  24. Posted by ShakoChina    07/05/2011 16:15

    Greetings from China.
    I have already book this album from NZ.
    And I’m gonna see your concert (with Bocelli) next week,see you in Beijing.

  25. Posted by FRANCISCO JAVIER MINAJAS CARBAJAL    03/05/2011 05:01

    Hola Hayley, eres una de las mejores cantantes del mundo, tienes una voz hermosa, espero con ansia tu nuevo álbum. Ojala algún día puedas dar un concierto en México.

  26. Posted by Victor C. Pankouken    28/04/2011 20:16

    Wow, Holla die Waldfee [transl. Holla, the Forest Fairy], that Vespa shot is extremely critical. Remember you are a singer, not a mobile…
    Victor C. Pankouken

  27. Posted by Jonathan Yau    28/04/2011 20:15

    The photos are awesome!!!
    Wish to see u in Hong Kong..
    and during summer, then I can see your concert~ x

  28. Posted by Jeanine    27/04/2011 19:46

    Looking forward to the U.S. release of the new album!

  29. Posted by SummerFlyxxx    27/04/2011 06:08

    Stunning…. wow… breathtaking.. amazing… Wow!
    Though she looks amazing in the first one as well, I think that one is a little showy.

    • Posted by Victor C. Pankouken    28/04/2011 20:18

      Too right. My words. Let’s unite and pass a signed petition around. It is EXTREMELY showy. Beware some grubby Photoshop artists…
      Victor C. Pankouken

      • Posted by SummerFlyxxx    29/04/2011 00:55

        I have made an avatar of Hayley from the first pic, just her head. Because the rest is too showy.

  30. Posted by Justin Cole    24/04/2011 10:25

    Absolutely stunning!

  31. Posted by @MarcioLuisBRA    22/04/2011 07:09

    Oh my God!
    So beautiful!!!
    You are a truly princess!!!
    Woohoooo! Paradiso!!!
    Kisses from Brazil, Hayley!!! ;)

  32. Posted by Sara    21/04/2011 15:10

    So beautiful! :D I’m sure the album is beautiful too, can’t wait to hear it!


    Ps: Please come and sing for us here in Sweden/Scandinavia! ;)

    • Posted by Johnny Hannon    25/07/2011 23:56

      Dear Hayley,

      please, do not forget our small Belgian country …
      You’re raelly an angel on earth !

    • Posted by Mads Windeballe    21/06/2011 20:11

      And after Sweden, you can come to Denmark :)

  33. Posted by Jesus Gilberto    21/04/2011 07:49

    I’m waiting for the release of your new album :) you are the best of best, greetings from Mexico.

    • Posted by Lluís    09/10/2012 14:26

      Estàs preciosa….

    • Posted by Richard G Mynett    07/10/2011 03:23

      Hayley you are Beautiful beyond words, Your Inter and Outer Beauty gives credit to the Light You Carry.

      Thank You for being in My World!!!!!!!!!!!!

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