Photoshoot – 2008

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  1. Posted by rhythm700 (White Heart)    14/09/2012 06:54

    Beutiful pictures Hayley!!!
    First picture is associated with cover of the Frank Mills’s BGM LP Album ‘Music Box Dancer / Polydor’. Very Cute. Thanks Hayley :)

    아름다운 사진입니다.
    첫번째 사진은 70년대 후반부터 한국에서도 굉장히 인기를 끌었던 캐나다인 피아니스트 ‘후랭크 밀스(Frank Mills)’의 백 그라운드 뮤직(BGM) LP 앨범(Album)인 ‘뮤직 박스 댄서(Music Box Dancer / Polydor)’의 커버 사진이 연상됩니다. 아주 예뻐요.
    그 음반은 1979년 제가 구매해서 감상한 음반입니다. 감사해요, 헤일리 :)

  2. Posted by Mohamed Al Asaad    12/04/2012 19:07

    You have nice dresses………….I loved the red one……….

  3. Posted by B. :-)    10/03/2012 16:47

    I loooove the red dress!!! Hayley you’re beautiful!!!!

  4. Posted by Greg    27/02/2012 21:06


    You look stunning and your voice is equally beautiful! Keep up the good work!

  5. Posted by Ryan    04/01/2012 00:23

    Beautiful & Talented.. Hayley is the Total Package!!! <3

    • Posted by Gary S    28/08/2014 09:07

      Too right, Ryan, she also has good taste & loads of style

  6. Posted by Nedaa    03/09/2011 13:19

    You have nice dresses i like them all on you my dear Hayley :)

  7. Posted by Alik    22/07/2011 20:13

    I like your black dress ;-)

  8. Posted by Alik    22/07/2011 20:12

    Great Pictures Hayley, you are photogenetic

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