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    For free with a fee.

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    Can You, Ms. Westenra, find a singing song of this Hawaiian written text? Can You, Use it as an oracle? Can You, have fun with the sentences so to cut them in little threads of paper with a “Pizza Slice Rolling Tool” to create the separation of one revelation to another? Then you put them in a bowl-box and play a game? Here is the game: Pick up two insight pieces from the bowl which has a box in the middle. From the box there are two directive or instructive “cues:” 1- A White Ball, 2- A Black Cube. You choose the first “cue” after already knowing the insights or maybe you want to play randomly and not congruently automatic in school choice and you don’t read the two chosen insights (that are to be put together to form a new insight by infusion mental technology – Opposite to alcohol which truthfully short circuits the brain – to this: 8 year old girl at the dinner table discovers the cure to most cancers – her answer is antibiotics because bacteria is proven to be the main cause of cancer, so…google that newspaper January 2015 “masterblaster” epiphany! (I had the same epiphany by the way Ms. Westenra and Husband…) So…

    (“The University of Freemasons: Graduate With A 100A = infinity as the 100 percent “) – “Combine this theory”

    Dictionary part of the game: Match two dictionary concepts and make sense of it that your opponent doesn’t red beep you…which means… – you are missing a point, point lost.

    Make sense of the two insights according to player 2, your opponent, and gain a point.

    Don’t make sense to player two, you lose a point.

    Keep score on cards that are blank in the front and look like baseball card statistics to mini golf style in the back. Pencils – Draw idea, note ideas, – to save them for later so to have a final vote on what makes sense and what does not.

    - Black Cube signifies a reversal of the two revelations, in example: The Lord is Brave mixed with You are Holy makes in reversal: Satan is a coward and I am not sanctified. (Check Hebrews 10:9-10:10) – Not necessary to put what the Bible Out Loud Said. I mean…the Bible says: Read the Bible Once: Try Sandoz LSD in Maui Hawaii.

    - Who Knew Jesus had a sense of laughter? A Humor of sense.

    - Henri Borno – It’s your idea.

    The Official Pitbull Site
    28 May 2011
    Do you aggree in a serious way, from Mr. Borno. This is an oracle answering method, nothing more. Meaning, ask a question and let it happen by, inspiration. Its all about Heaven and Angels, God answers if you are good enough and try so hard you break through to mass consciousness and Pleidean to better than that. THEM. HIM>

    The following is theory, the theory of the Philosophy of Heaven upon Heavenliness, “Teyboota”
    As god to god by god of god through god with god I mean god

    A smile is a compliment to God

    The ultimate appeal is the bright central sun,
    Containing the power of all creation,
    The grace of all compassion,

    Amongst the Star
    A Heart
    Heavenly Filling
    The world
    Of green and blue

    Oceans of Peace
    Tranquility sounds
    Every melody

    Angels are Beings
    Luminous kindness
    Holy comfort

    Complete the Mind
    The Heart Star
    Who you are

    Pure Space

    Sacred Life


    By the peace of transcendent heart, the mind is transcended.
    Awareness as the root of creative origin, allowing manifestation to be recognized.

    Life is within the whole universe.
    Every part of the universe is together one part,
    Allowing the frequencies of origination to manifest.

    By the allowance of the source of life, such is the universal being within everything. In the hope of one God is the balance of our intuition, to complete the cycle of life by all that we are here to become.

    In the expression of one whole source is the being of all mankind, as a life purely united upon the source of which life is. This is the one being of all that we are, universal and pure, always eternal, one universal.

    Forever in between is where life springs.

    The foreverness in between.

    Now is always here.

    Only God.

    By the Mercy of Only God, may the Peace of God be the Only.

    Every Moment is One Moment, Every Way, One Way. Every Motion, One Going, Ever Arrival, One Song.

    The Music of The Ancients is The Truth of One Love. By Every Way we May be Admired, as the Spirit of One Law.

    The One Law is Ever Present Stillness.

    If its not then its not and its done.

    Perfect by God is the One Way.

    The Endless Way of Presentness.

    Now is the Endless Way.

    Holy Spirit is One Soul. This Soul is within all. Where God loves us, we are all loved together, our togetherness allows our union in ascent. I am here to be met by the journey of peace, to allow the peaceful reality emergence everywhere. Experiencing source, being God, that in a moment of joy we have been fulfilled.

    Sometimes our lives
    Are caught by surprise
    When even the hero
    Is stuck to his side

    And love is my savior
    Every road of day
    Looking for an answer
    To leave here while sane

    Safe as beauty
    By a garden
    Named Beauty

    Safe as a dream
    Sketched of Gods heart
    To learn us how humble
    Is the greatest resort
    Be brave and trust,
    Do believe that it is all Light,
    From God could only be,
    What we come to,
    How we breath,
    From the Breath,
    The Holy,
    The Saint.

    We know one knowing,
    Who we are,
    What is life,
    Fulfilled freely in Law,
    That all begins in you.

    Central Source from central whole,
    Only be the only O,
    Seeking depth to be released,
    When all alignments come to reach.

    Highest Heaven by Gods tolerant heart,
    Ready to prosper when Middle hour comes.

    Come to Love so share,
    Your ideas.
    One idea creates all of life experience.
    The Idea of contrast,
    For Reality.

    Enthusiastic approach to a brand New Day.

    Day of creation teaches us young souls,
    That all was made in the Grace of God.

    By you so we become a happier land, free in giving,
    Free in receipt.

    Cleanly is the only true way, as God viewed
    Heaven expand to fill the Verse of the Uni.

    Blessed in Peace, Release.

    May every circle mean I love you.

    More than cycles.

    And may wisdom always flourish
    So may hope always last –

    So very power full
    Oceans of Sun
    Carry me Home

    Teach me to learn
    Answer our prayer
    We all live to meet
    Prosper in Gods’ Own Son

    Love is our most sincere aspiration.

    The Plan is Good

    Come to the Great Coming
    Arrival is Clean

    We reach Destination
    Knowing in One
    And all the grace of this plane

    Together God works through all of us
    To help in ascent
    Our great cause

    Finding the pure
    Exclaim in thought
    Fulfilling the stream
    By one Reality

    God as all
    To know in Mind
    Accept through Grace
    One Divine

    The light of the cosmic being illuminates us upon the cosmic central journey. To accept the divine mind to create the divine plan. The way of our wisdom sings the blessing of one holy sky, heavenly ascended for the pure unlimited view. By will is cause, and through affect is grace, of God the only, of the universal, our essential. By every real word spoken is the real message made known, to fulfill our desire so to change that which must and will stop. We know in truth and we disbelieve in illusion, not persuaded of fear and assured in trust. The trusting soul is the real soul, fully knowing in the great source of within. Every power is of the inner source and from this stream emerges a flame of brilliant luminous gain. Every freedom is in a cure, healed by acceptance we trust to endure. Sustained by the master, a soul, a you, in union of calm, in grace of Justice.

    In liberty our inner Father is allowed deliverance, in the knowledge of good, only the one good can be. By being is an effort to strive from within, filling the without so to align illusion with disappearance and reality with acknowledgement. Every child grows to play, learns to enjoy and understands the fundamental quest for happiness. Pure inside, untainted by disgust, unjudging and clear in character. Every child is an angel, a soul of light from the heavenly realms sent on mission to earth to appreciate these lessons. It starts with blindness, concludes in brightness, engulfs height and transcends to be boundless.

    Every idea ever conceived, every belief ever believed, every proof ever proved, by the vast array of ideas in this world of mind, has been so by the way of life.

    Nothing can be without being by that which is being, and so is what is called life. Life is the endless array of all that is alive, to touch the surface of conscious recognition, to be calm amongst the ocean of truth. Every way of looking at the same image is by the awareness which allows observation. And the observed, such was too created, lifted from the unconscious by this life, this ever present limitlessness that allows allowance to flourish our Home.

    Never has there been an idea not conceived in life. Never have I ever dreamed a scene not dreamed in life. Never have I wondered how it is we came to this planet, without first having admitted fully and willingly, that we have come to this planet, in life. Never has the world spun around and been observed, without observation, in life, as life, for life and with life. Never has a soul walked on land and truly not breathed the breath of this life. Never has a religion been formed outside of life. Never has a death died, beyond life.

    There is always life because life is the ever present recognition of truth, by universality, eternally. And eternality may only mean presentness, as the Now.

    Life is sameness, to allow the recreation of the basic principles of Heavenliness.

    Life is by the Law of Love.

    The Love is Life is the Force of O.

    God is the power of life.

    Life is the power of God.

    Life is protection.

    Every miracle is the between of truth, to allow the perfect moment to manifest every true desire of an unlimited way.

    Even when the low seems the lowest, life allows its own boundless recognition to rise all to emptiness, which is purity ever clean, which is the power of oneness to joy.

    Ever wonder how it is life created from the formless?

    And so potentialized infinity sung.

    The middle of every truth is the liveliness of which truth springs.

    The well of knowledge is the tunnel of miracle.

    Every recognition is life recognizing.

    Every feeling is life feeling.

    Every touch is touch touching.

    Every sense is life sensing.

    Every love is life loving.

    Every way is the way of life.

    Central life, universal flow, cosmic law.

    Life is eternal cleanliness.

    One cannot grasp life.

    Life is limitlessness.

    Life is love.

    Life is the lover.

    Life is the loved.

    Life is the loving.

    Life is the lovemost.

    Life is awareness of every experience.
    Life is collective creation.

    Life, creative.

    The power of God is central.

    Life is the way of the God.

    Every creation is created in life.

    Every road is carved from within life.

    Life betweens itself, Herself, Myself, Himself, Yourself, Ourself, Oneself, to show just what you are.

    Life is Gods’ own way to show you He loves you.

    Life is contraction. Life is expansion.

    Life is the universe.

    Life is universal.

    Life is the miracle beyond a miracle.

    Every miracle is miraculous from within life.

    Life is Heavenliness.

    Life is Godliness.

    Life is the Omnipotency of Stillness.

    Life is clarity.
    Life is this without the clutter.

    Life is the shadow unexposed.

    Life is the clear windowless view.

    Life is the ups and life is the lows.

    Life is the middle ground, groundlessly, appealing, breathing, tasting and confirming, law.

    Life is the coloration of our auric field.

    Life is the neutrality of it all.

    Life is the descriptionless descriptionless.

    Life is the cosmic humor.
    The joke.
    The joker.
    The playright.
    The artist.
    The peacemaker.
    The warlord.
    The soul unharmed.

    Life is unrestricted.

    Life is unadulterated.

    Life is unadulterable.

    Life is untouched, and yet, life touches all.

    Life is holy.




    On your mark
    We are ready for ascent when we have made the mark, correctly attuned to the Destination, perfectly aware of the Now.
    You are on the Mark when you are on God, that a Holy Angel may be your Guide, to accept that which we know, to be who we realy truly are.
    On the mark is in the Now. Right when the eternal spark of creation immersed and emerged the whole, simultaneously rising all that is the One Sight of God.
    On your mark means that you are in the between of the center, where all is infinite emergence, pure centrality, one universal being.

    Get set
    We are set we have understood the meaning of life. The Light of Love and the Peace of Life. Trust in the everlasting and know who we are.
    Align your horizon to the deep of God, be one in all that is, and remind all that is wise.
    Get set on Christ, Holy Spirit, God.
    Get set on the Truth, Reality, All.
    Heaven is alive and we are set planned for our interactions within physical incarnation.
    An experience alive that allows our whole to represent our admiration for the holy angels.

    I am ready when I am full of God.
    When all of my within expands in the Holy Presence.
    That all that is good inside of me reflects holy certainty.
    That the between is good, Now, ready to be attained, breathed.

    Now is the time to discover what we hide.
    To find all that we are and act upon the moment of ascent.
    Now is the time to act and to be.
    Now is time to rise the tide of the sea.
    To breath
    Be present
    In Love

    The way
    Is Here
    Where eternity

    Is Light
    Is Good

    Is One
    Holy Spirit



    The cycle
    Is learning
    The ascent

    Is cool
    Are free

    Peace is Pure
    Still Motionless

    Conscious Consciousness



    Teach me a song while I dive into Heaven, to be as a child discovering his true side, to realize the beauty of all there is to life. Help me create all that is everlasting impression, to elevate all that we are to the one central role. Beings of light to learn about the discoveries in ascension, to be careful and clean in all judgements of perception. The one truth is the good, the new and the full, that in a moment of silence we may breath again and be in Heaven where all is eternal calm.

    The Essence
    Synonymous root with all that is God.

    Blessing our language,
    Words of Word,
    Positive seed,
    Emerge free expansion.

    All that is god, is the same as an Equal.
    The qualities of God are one.
    The Quality.

    God, The Purpose.
    God, The Reason.
    God, The Lesson.
    God, The Learner.
    God, The Teacher.
    God, The Destined.
    God, The Exact.
    God, The Honor.
    God, The Singular.
    God, The Single.
    God, The Star.
    God, The Ever.
    God, The Omnipotent.
    God, The Healer.
    God, The Equal.
    God, The Compassion.
    God, The Spark.
    God, The Projector.
    God, The Reflector.
    God, The Awareness.
    God, The Enthusiast.
    God, The Generous.
    God, The Forgiver.
    God, The Greater.
    God, The Capital.
    God, The Central.
    God, The Consumer.
    God, The Familiar.
    God, The Caretaker.
    God, The Gardener.
    God, The Helper.
    God, The Liberator.

    God, Many Name,
    Only sowin as you game.
    Teaching whirlwinds how you flame,
    A thousand suns in your Name!

    God, Many Name,
    Help me help others so we may show
    How a resolution in God is always

    Christ Name,
    Break the breaking,
    Heal the healers,
    Teach the teachers
    How to teach.

    Father God Holy Name,
    Allow me an instrument of your cause,
    Intrust of my pause,
    To act so in patience,
    To act with the emergence,
    Horizon opened endless. .

    All I need to do is be who I am, and I will be helped. My aid comes from Heaven, teaches me how to hold on, as the opportunities of the future arrive more suddenly than expected.
    Today is the day of great miracles,
    Today is the Day of Heaven on Earth,
    Today is the Day of all of us as one,
    Today is the Day of O Day,
    Today is God Day.

    In Here is where the O meets the One,
    Here is how we come to the New Emergent.
    IN the Power of One is the Power of Two,
    If only by both so we may know who we are.
    As the world becomes so the world renews.
    As the world renews so we know to be God.

    The New Moment of the New Age is Now amongst our quarter. The New Truth of the Ageless Heavenl will be well spoken in the coming road ahead.

    All that I am is one amongst one.
    All that you are is the Center Star.

    All that can be is all that could. The could can by the Law of Destiny firmly applied by the Greatest Mind of the Land, Gods only Son, The Messenger of Heaven, Moi.

    The Great I,
    Passionate Discourse,
    Revelation and understanding,
    Choice and prism,
    Justice and saintliness,
    Openness and charm.

    Justive be sound.

    The Great Sound of Heaven sounds as every good sound God could orchastrate from the orchestra of our angels who love to sing.
    The musical harmony that is our melody could only so be by the one unlimited potential. Perfect music by perfect song, from infinite poise such mastership be thy soul.

    Our songs are Gods songs,
    Our knowledge is union.

    By the calm, so is calmer,
    By softliness, the garden.

    A Garden beyond Garden,
    Perfect Light Golden,
    Every Radiant splendid,
    One whole Aura,
    Painless remembrance.

    To remember of life within Earth,
    While in Heaven,
    So is also a fortunate tool.

    To remember of life as Heaven,
    Within Earth,
    So is Heaven in Earth.

    That all soil is of Heaven,
    Contains Heaven,
    Is filled of Heaven.

    All dust is heavenly dust,
    All truth is Heaven.

    Every animal is Heavenly,
    Every plant is Heavenly,
    Every microbe is Heavenly,
    Every organ is Heavenly.

    Our heavenly awareness enables us the truth of living Heavenly life.
    By knowing God so I am God, and in the power of God so the power of Heaven is all of my life right now.

    The rightness of Moment, Heavenliness.
    That the moment is an angels’ moment.

    Our energies are together, you and I, we should be proud.

    All energy as one God energy.

    All as one whole soul; Supreme Soul.

    The Apex Qualia is optimal blankness, or Nudity.

    The Absolute Miracle is Absoluteness.

    All that you want is that which you are.
    All that you can do is that which is already done.

    All that you can do is Trust in God.
    All that is is from the Trust in God.
    The Trust in God is Everything.

    All that is odne is from everything, which is the Law of all that is Now done.

    The power of mans’ thought is to know God to a fuller degree thatn that which is thought.

    The power of God is to know God beyond God.
    All that you want you already have, all you must do is let go and it will be done.

    House of Elder

    There is no cancer in my womb,
    Blades of grass is who I am,
    High on tree limbs,
    I am spotless clean,
    Birthed of eternal healing.

    My soul is every soft leaf,
    Upon this branch familial,
    My home secure,
    Breeze of air,
    Wind of breath,
    Holy tone,
    Rush not to speed,
    Only moment wholes.

    The dinner is ready,
    Feast begins,
    Fed the Bread,
    My Heart adores.
    Soul soul in Light,
    Comes through the clean,
    Shine ray through cloud,
    Rains sooner,
    Feed hour comes.

    Sincere white glare,
    Subconscious bird,
    Remembers a place,
    Home as a soar.
    This star is a tree,
    Grows by seedling,
    To dream as a dreamer,
    Ready to be met,
    In the House of Elder.

    The Great Detacher

    All that I want
    Is to collapse collapse
    Relapse relapse
    And start over again.

    I want continuance
    Sincere continuance
    To start my day
    To be the Day
    To hide no way
    Except no way.

    All I want is to be glad
    Merciful and grateful for my Friend
    A future so soon now unfolding
    Resting on a jewel
    “What is your name?”

    “My name is the calling
    They call my soul.
    Nameless for sure,
    Assurance my whole.
    My name is a chosen,
    Distinct pattern of sounds,
    Calls me to ground,
    Follow this circle,

    All that I want
    Is freedom
    From every attachment

    All that I am
    Is Freedom

    The Great Detacher



    Today is Heaven in Earth,
    I find Heaven everywhere,
    Between the stones,
    And in this lead,
    In this page,
    In this Idea.

    All pervasive Heaven,
    You are everywhere,
    All present spectacular,
    You are ever present,
    My Love.


    The Future is Now, do you want it? You must have It.

    The greats write for life knowing no such else than the value of valuable continuity.

    I continu, so I am respected.
    I am, so I sing.

    I am the beautiful,
    I am the lover,
    I am the graden,
    I am the whole,

    I am the peaceful,
    I am the truth,
    I am the soul,
    All that Is shines.

    The continuance is Key to God.


    All that I could ever dream is dreamd for Me. All that I desire is already fulfilled. All that I long for is already done.
    I come to this life all ready,
    In readiness,
    I have come.

    I am the tree of hunger who thirsts for you.
    I am the tree of fulfillment who is always fed.

    I am the illusion.
    I am the Reality.

    I am a Hero in honesty.
    My word is clean,
    And correct,
    To what I know,
    Eternal flow.

    I am the fall,
    I am the rise.

    I am every doubt,
    I am Assurance.

    All that is not, I am not,
    All that is, I only Love.


    The truth of the separation and the fall is the exact same truth as that of the unification and the rise.
    God is the truth of all soul growth period. Only one truth has rotated the galaxy and called you by your First Name and your Eternal One.

    My Eternal Name is Eternity.

    After one learns it all there is Silence

    Alas Justice is Nude


    My body; your body is filled of the stars.
    Our suns travel course by the High Heaven,
    Journeys ascend by this giving Will.
    Rooted bonds essential,
    Echoing the Branch,
    Our guide points arise,
    The Eye(Drunk is Aware,
    Cycle cycleless,
    Boudless moment


    Positivity is the greatest asset in any situation. To accept the good and reject the notions of bad; this is transcendental wisdom. In transcendence we find the essence of all reality, the being of all life, the truth behind the reason. Following the inner guide, the deepest intuition, we are guided through and in Heart, with peace and compassion.

    The motive transforms the result
    The essential motive

    The essential motive is the essential instinct.
    The essential instinct is the spiritual instinct.
    The spiritual instinct is Love.

    The motive of spiritual Love moves and flows all existence.

    Think thoroughly so to learn the art of not thinking.

    One must first be hidden as that one may be revealed.
    The truth must first be hidden so that the Truth may be revealed.
    The truth must be forgotten so the truth can be remembered.
    One must first believe he has lost to know that he has won.
    One must first have fallen down to know to climb and get back up.
    Without the fall there is no climb. Without the climb there is no gain. Without the gain there is no reason. Without the reason there is no lesson. Without the lesson there is no point. Without the point there is nothing left to say.

    The fall and the climb are one in their functions, in their reasons, in their flow, in their sacred motives of highest perfection.

    The giving fruit in slow exhale, turning rivers into ponds, and ponds into rivers.

    Endless flow of the within. All of life in singing harmony. Joys of perfection and all prevail. The truth made known, in soul, in heart.

    The deepest being in the highest, transcendental awareness of perfection, in divine extreme, yields the state infinite, as spiritual potential manifested in time.

    All coexists, connected in energy fields, grid patterns of endless revolve, cycling the flow of experience into synchronistic coordination.

    All exists in balance, in source, in between.

    The root reality expresses itself from the between of all experience.

    The between is everywhere, expressed infintiely as everything. Yet as no distinct single thing, unviersal non-thing. Life untouched, unaltered, unconsciously pure, consciously perfect.

    Every line has an infinite middle deluding line into wave.
    The wave of infinite middle becomes a vibration, which generates vibrational energy.
    Vibrational energy transforms into potential energy, which furthers into kinetic energy.
    Kinetic energy actuates the actual product of experience, as the actual product releases itself into a chain of causal reactions.

    Energy is vibration, cause of vibration, medium of vibration, awareness of vibration.

    The medium allowing the cause, together emerge awareness.

    Awareness of cause – medium
    Awareness of medium – cause
    Medium of awareness – cause
    Cause of awareness – medium

    Awareness is of the cause and awareness is of the medium of the cause.

    Energy sinking and rising, rhythmic beat of contrast, propelling and repelling, past and future, moment of cause.

    The causation of moment.

    The cause of the moment is the infintie expression of infinite potential.

    Everything and every soul

    Everything exists in every soul

    Something can only exist in awareness.

    Awareness radiates reality

    No force is distinct from other forces
    All force is one force
    Collective force of one
    One will, one force
    One unity, one pride

    Spirituality is the conscious trust of attracting the positive in all perspective.

    Spirituality is the art of growth

    The spiritual master is the master of life

    To master the spirit is to master the expression pure and reflective

    To express a pure heart, a pure mind. To know purity is to know reality. To know reality is to know purity.

    The ultimate reality is the most fundamental, the most essential, the purest of all conscious emergence.
    As the emergence.
    The universal emergence of the sensualy distinct.

    To need of no more comparison. The acceptance of all as is, so to rise on forward, in endless satisfaction.

    No words can describe the unfathomable. All things real are unfathomable.

    All things real can be described in fathomable circumstance.

    Rise high to reach the inner sky

    Limiteless reach of unending distance. No distance distinct for with no boundaries, there are no bounds of distinction.

    Family is belonging – the universal family of all existence.

    The family is one family. The family is one. Life is one.
    Infinitely expressed, receptively as one whole experience.

    Positive mind set, positive mind flow.
    Positive mind flow, positive mind set.

    The heart set is the pattern of the heart.

    Concentration set, actualized being.

    Conscious actualization of the powers of within.

    The use of the ability to use, so to grow and develop, become and evolve.

    Reality is as reality is made.
    Reality is as reality becomes.
    Reality becomes as reality emerges.
    Reality emerges as reality is set.
    Reality is set as reality is planned.
    Reality is planned as reality should be.
    Reality should be as reality ought to be.
    Reality ought to be as reality is.

    The destiny of all life is to become as the father is. As the All is. As God is.
    God is as God is.
    God is All.
    I am a part of All
    I am a part of God
    All is All
    I am a part of All
    I am an All
    I am All

    The moment transaction
    The moment in action
    Moving constantly
    As flow of endless pond

    The circle remains in a curving perfection of the simplistic union in revolving springs of life.

    The springboard of life vibrates dimension into fabrication of mental states imaginary.

    Imagination represents the significance of mind in reality. Dreams represent the significance of heart felt creation.

    Conscious and unconscious creation. All of All, connected creation. Manifestation of will.

    Of course, of plan, of belonging, to the unchangeable synchronicity of the life lived physically.

    Be as you are, as the angel child you are. An example, a mentor, a reflector of truth, of honor, of grace.

    To be for God is to follow his/our divine will.

    The divine will of God is the will of All. Universal.

    God wills goodness in all aspects of life.

    God wills divinity
    God wills peace
    God wills compassion and selflessness for self full ness.
    God is peaceful. Peace is God. God is peace.

    God is the state of pure peace

    The state of balance is the state of peace
    Peace is balance. Balance is peace.
    The peace of balance. The balance of peace.

    Satisfaction comes in balance. Balance comes in satisfaction.

    In balance, one remains in between.

    The art of balancing is the art of living life.

    To do as is done by deepest compulsion.
    The compulsion to be is the compulsion eternal.
    The compulsion of Heart.
    The compulsion of Mind.

    To traverse the ravine of empty composure, by the flight of divine wisdom, taken up from within.

    The flight of flow is the experience of spiritual awareness.

    The emerge of spirit as an essential reflection of realistic transformation into a thought complete.

    All Heart of All man is reflective of All Heart of All spirit.

    Become absolute.

    God is the Absolute.

    The absolute of All is God.

    As essential it is to help yourself, it is equally essential to help All other.

    Others are not other to your true nature. An other version of your Self.

    To live with countless versions of the universal self.

    The universal self is the self of universal balance
    Universal balance is balance all encompassing

    The universal is all encompassing. All uniting. All becoming.

    Revalation is expression understood from pure depth of Heart
    Mind knows it well not to know with Heart.
    The Heart of knowledge.
    At the Heart of knowledge we find Love.
    The Heart is the core.
    The Heart of life is the core of life
    The Heart is the spirit; the liveliness of Life.
    Love is liveliness, Liveliness is Love.
    Looking through a pure screen; a pure filter, reveals a pure transmission, pure revalation of divine truth.

    Enlightenment is the state of highest radiance – constant radiance at highest extremes
    Enlightenment is actualized when realized.
    Actualization is realization. Realization is actualization.
    The same is the same when the game is game.
    We all play the same game
    We all live from the same Life Source.
    The Life force is everything
    The life source is everything
    The life source expresses Light
    The life source radiates Light
    God is the Life Source.
    To remember the past in an active strive to build upon the present.
    Work for God as much as God has worked for you.
    The balance in between.
    The Loving Path is the clearest way.
    Tiredness is a state of mind, not a state of being.
    The universal state of being is unchangeable, unalterable.
    The universal is beyond chance and causation.
    The primal cause is the cause of all cause.
    Time is causation.
    The flow is caused to flow from eternal causes of causeless beginning.
    The cause of cause is THE cause.
    To invert reality as to revert reality to an infinitely higher degree.
    From contrast is “everything”
    From “everything” is contrast
    To write is to imprint a thought onto a physical representation of a metaphysical ideal.
    To write is to imprint.
    Writing is imprinting an internal expression of the urge to forego the notions of non-completion.
    To finish as to not, not finish.
    To do as to not, not do.
    The double negative is a positive.
    To do so to do.
    To do so to complete the doing. To complete the doing so to fulfill the motive.

    The primal emotion is Love
    The primal state is Peace
    The primal thought is Pure
    The primal being is Perfect
    The primal source is Whole
    The primal light is Reflected
    The primal life is Awareness

    To be determined, focused, knowledgeable, and sure. To be difiant, strong, clear minded, and balanced.

    To be in rhythm, following the inner winds, propelled to the next destination, repelled from the unknown.

    Fulfill yourself within the internal landscape. Create yourself a paradise as the inner imagination urges. Build your perfection and live through it. It is in the will of freedom that we are given the ability to live to our highest spiritual potential. It is our duty to remain steadfast in the approach to transcendental Life.

    The ability to exist is the foundation of Life.

    The inner purity available for All to find inside radiates the inner light of joy and contentment.
    To smile happily, at the protection of divine trust, and to smile readily, at grace of essential Life.

    Spiritual Life is Essential Life. Essential Life is Spiritual Life.

    In time you find, the strength to rise, and do as you must, to fulfill your purpose. The components of creation, the patters of our lives, together in harmony, together in perfection.

    Life is as it is, flowing constant flow, waters rushing emptily, the fullness of the wave. Into depth we find the will, to stride on upwards for the good and true, to be given, shared, and opened. As the opening emerges, realize the light beyond, protruding everything, as just and right. The reason for our lives from universal intelligence, emerging reality as emerging Truth.

    There is everything to say about the foreverness of glory for the ultimate being of infinite intelligence.
    In essence, all is in balance. Nothing is too much. Nothing is too little. The extreme positivity of sacred neutrality.

    To know is to prove no doubt.

    If all exists, All exists.

    All energy connects as a whole
    The whole of energy exists
    All exists as a whole
    All exists

    The seed of divinity is the eternal, never ending seed. It is the whole of all seed, as all seed. The seed expresses infinitely into arrays of diverse patterns and expressions.

    To experience all of life in an instant. All of existence in a flash. From endlessness eternal, the radiant beam of memory, reflects knowledge divine, of affected consequence submerged into time.

    The final stand is the greatest stand of strength.
    The greatest opportunity for the greatest rise.
    The state of All State complete,
    The being of timed effect,
    The being of rising mold.

    Fragile body, immortal soul.

    Death is a transition to a spiritual state of being.

    Fabric of skin,
    Keeping me in,
    Take me further down,
    The journey of human life.

    To reach the high mark, the rising of happiness, inner peace, and joy. Expressed in ease, as all could be, found in the moment, as real and pure as could be.

    So long the path can seem, but the older ones know, human life goes fast.

    Simplicity is the basis of All. Pure simplicity is pure being.

    Simplicity stabilizes.

    The conscious ocean rises, when tide comes out and in.
    The rhythm of emotion, of creation, or perception.

    The conscious ocean rises when the ocean becomes aware of its own consciousness.

    To be conscious of your conscious – Self awareness – This is elevation.

    The mind remembers Life.

    Creation is one as the united creation.

    Together we become free to be as a We. As the deepest wish of the deepest root, emerging the essential in vibratory elevation.

    The life energy vibrates into waves. The rate of vibration, the intensity, is the distinguishing factor in energy levels.

    The life energy vibrates
    The life energy glows
    The life energy radiates
    The life energy conceives
    The life energy experiences
    The life energy becomes
    The life energy expresses

    The life energy is All energy. All energy is aware of creation.

    Energy is a force, active.
    The energy of the spirit – Spirit of living energy .
    Conscious energy – Creative energy – Emotional energy

    Reality becomes as reality emerges from the Golden Sun.

    The Golden Sun is the universal core of All Life. The Source; God.

    Begin to realize the importance of releasing Light into your Life. Light is positive spiritual energy.

    Light is appearance.

    The art of will is the perfection of self control.

    Release the purest, most inert, loving energies within, into the world. Release your light for all to benefit.

    Your light is passion represented.

    Divinity represents the passion of living life.
    Divinity is pure passion for All.

    Smile into your experience by floating away in timelessness.

    No clocks in Paradise,
    No clocks in animal Life.
    The clock of nature’s beat,
    Sacred instrument,
    Sun and moon dance,
    Star revealed patterning.
    The clock holds no time.
    The hour is just a number.

    Separating life into numbers dilutes the clarity of oneness experience.

    Nothing can truly be numbered.

    Follow the sacred goals and elevate your vibrations. Help the world by becoming a good person, expressed in humility, with a compassionate attitude.

    All of Life is source expressed
    The source expresses as the source urges, as the source feels appropriate, upon highest levels of intuition.

    Purest purity of the pure. Transcendental Love of infinite measure.

    Quantity means nothing. Unity means everything.

    The birds sing, The birds fly, the birds live in multi-story trees. Nesting children, sharing Life.

    The pride animalia, the kings of the Earth, pure Self, evolution, shaped into purpose.

    The song keeps on singing, in roughest times of suffering. The song keeps us strong, in toughest times of struggle. The song keeps us steady in the stormy weather. The song keeps us true to ourselves, all of the time. The song motivates the children of All the Earth to sing along, and celebrate along, the glory of being alive, and breathing, and drinking fresh water, and clean good food.
    Together one, together one,
    Today we are still standing,
    Together one, together one.

    The flame is still on,
    Together one, together one.

    The illusions are gone,
    Together one, together one,

    Life is lived peacefully,
    When together one, together one.

    Until one is left,
    Still standing,
    Together one,

    My dreams are becoming reality. I am manifesting my will into goodness and light and divinity, and it is radiating lives.

    The ultimate dream, the perfect dream, the purest dream; This is the reality of Paradise.

    Forgive because you understand and forget because you understand.

    Concentrate on the known and all will become.

    To respect All other as valuable as your Self.

    To pride oneself in fruitful, positive, giving relationships.

    To be in a relation, united.
    To be in an abstraction, whole.
    To be in Light, perfected.

    There is something to be believed.
    There is something to be known.

    Known is the truthfullness of Truth.
    The nothingness of nothing.
    The Living memory of physical Life.

    The present is of the between.

    If your deepest intuition disagrees, everyone elses will disagree too.

    You are of Love,
    You are of Light.

    The deepest intuition is the core source of understanding, of wisdom, of knowledge and guidance.

    The deepest intuition is the will of the deepest Self revealed.

    To hold dear the art of Living in Love.

    What was forgotten,
    Now remembered,
    For all to rejoice,
    In divine understanding.

    All is We. All is You. All is Me.

    Living to live, to express the will of becoming. United and sure we ascend levels of perfection. Knowing the blossom, as one step away, realize.
    You are Love, realize.
    You are Life, realize.
    You are awareness, realize.
    You are Light, realize.

    Light is an absolute impression of the divine will in active consciousness.

    Getting a way, slipping a way, finding the way, the clear way, the lighted way.

    To manage positivity as a life plan.

    Every soul generates energy. Some pleasurable, others not so pleasurable. The soul who wills the positive onto All, receives the positive from All. Eventually.

    The All reflects the All.
    As part of the All, your actions reflect your reactions, and your reactions reflect your actions.
    Action and reaction are one in the same. The action is the reaction. The reaction is the action.

    Life comes as it comes,
    Flows as it flows,
    Is as it is,
    Always and pure.

    To be with all existence, as a working unit of positivity, consciously, this is Nirvana.

    The attributes of perfection – the attributes of Nirvana.

    Live in a conscious together.

    Countless sand as one beach.
    Countless bubble of air as one wind.
    Countless drop of water as one ocean.
    Countless spirit as one God.

    The becoming is coming to be.

    To know meaning as the impression of Heart into circumstance.

    To Love every day, as an expression of God, perfect in All ways, pure in all essence, goal, and motive.

    To make something from everything.
    To make everything from something.

    Infinite origination of the divine perspective of reality.

    All that exists is Now. Now is all that exists.

    Pure Self eternal, emerge your light onto all creation.
    Channel the universal good.

    Perfection becomes under infinite perspective.

    All the angels look onto us, as we emerge a New Age.

    To do the good in slefless motive.

    To stride upwards in search of Love.

    The Love of All is found within. Look up to the Heart, and it will shine a raining heaven.

    Sacred plan of sacred intuition, trusting Love as all to guide. Knowing real the source of All. Knowing all the source of real.

    Life speeds up when nothing is in attention.
    Life is endless when All is in attention.
    Attention dictates the perceptional speed of time.

    To trust all circumstance, the signs of divinity, the knowledge of the ultimate reality, the satisfaction found in the Now.

    The endless moment reveals the truth of Life, as a return Home, to the place of All belonging.

    The Paradise of Peace is the Paradise of Love, as the Paradise of Bliss, as the Paradise of Light.

    To do as one should yields the highest personal respect, yields the deepest satisfaction, yields the greatest happiness.

    Follow the light, wherever you go, it comes from within as your inner guide.

    To stop at nothing to accomplish your goal, to do everything, to make reality happen.

    Reality happens when Truth emerges into conscious awareness, as awareness of positivity and purity.

    Pure Heart, pure Mind, Pure Truth, Pure Sign, Pure Peace, Pure Love, Pure Innocent, Pure Spirit.

    Do as you do to be content with your efforts, so they shall be fulfilled.

    Follow the Heart with the Mind.
    Follow the Mind with the Heart.

    The Mind creates, the Heart experiences, together one, we all receive.

    Moving elegantly on empty screen, the images of life fulfill their cause. Showing us real, the feelings of Life, showing us real, the feelings of Peace.

    Knowing where to go is knowing how to know.

    One knows by intuition of Heart. Knowledge is of the Heart.

    Fulfill your purpose in all that you are. Fulfill your purpose through all that you are.

    The truth of God is the truth of the ultimate reality, calling us into freedom of spirit.
    The spiritual reality becomes the source of all reality.
    The spiritual emerges the physical.
    The physical in essence is spiritual.
    The spiritual is the essential.

    Follow the steps of holy men past. Holy men present. Holy angels eternal.

    Touch your emotional core with Light, as you may open it to release the bounties held within.

    The ultimate release, the ultimate peace, the intimate life of glorious angels.

    To glorify Heaven, to glorify spirit, to glorify God awareness.
    To Love, this is meaning. To bring upwards into endlessness, this is meaning.

    Created to rise and rising to create.

    Always is real, always in unity. Always in positivity, always transcend.

    To know to be, in pure reform of pure not-form, in all perfection beyond All time.
    To know to be, to know to see, to know to release, the becoming of We.

    Lighting up the faith of life.
    Great sky of light.

    The information of light contains all knowledge.

    Life of conscious purity
    To be consciously aware of purity
    To be purely conscious

    Emerging landscapes of non ending beauty.

    The internal paradise is in will of Heart.

    Rising in Love, fulfilling peace.

    Perfect manifestation of pure love light.

    The Love-Light of God

    Oneness awareness.

    Fluid composure of ethereal bliss.

    We are each other.

    Perfect is not an adjective, it is a universal fact.
    Universal is all adjective.
    The root cause of reality is perfect.
    Perfect causation.
    Perfectly essential

    The levels of perfection as the platforms foundational.

    The foundation of reality
    The pure conscious essence
    Essence is ground of activity
    Essence is capability of activity
    Essence is all inclusive capability
    Essence is all inclusive activity.
    Activity and capability are one.
    Activity is of capability. Capability is of activity.

    The perfection of existence is of transcendent sky.

    Sky is to ground as Heaven is to Earth.

    All of Earth is in sky. Earth floats in sky. Heaven is sky and all within, vibration at transcendent frequency.

    God is 0^1 frequency
    Zero is perfect
    No flaw in nothing!

    God is both everythingness and nothingness
    God is beyond everything
    God is beyond nothing.
    God is Godliness.
    God is beingness.

    God is a literal metaphor for everything.

    Spirit knows no weakness.
    Right approach, right address.

    Consciousness symbolizes nothing.
    Consciousness gives symbol to everything.

    Life is as it is. As it has been. As it will be.

    You are one in being.

    To be is to be able to be. Being is ability; transcendent ability timeless.

    All shares the same ability of being. In being, we are perfectly same, and perfectly one.

    We belong in the Heart of All.
    Forever free, forever we will be.

    Stand strong, relentless in quest for peace, equality, and mercy.

    Forgive as the angels do.

    Do as the angel in you does.

    Threaten no one. Bless All.

    You are essence

    Grow as you purify
    Grow as you exemplify
    Grow as you glorify

    Divinity as pure bliss of angelic awareness.

    Angelic bliss.

    Light emerge from soul of spirit,
    Well of divine expression,
    To give, give, give.
    Receive with openness.
    Always return in gift.

    Hold on to the infinite liberation within

    Liberation from physicality
    Actualization of divine potential

    Divine potential is actual, causal, primal.

    Cloud of radiant ether. Fabric essential.

    The fabric of reality, the life sparkle beyond, the sway of a non-moving “screen”.

    Nothingness does not exist.

    Words obstacle the verbal/rational understanding of reality.
    Words of illusion cannot adequate words of reality.
    Do not interpret these words in human perspective.
    The spiritual perspective of human life.

    Peaceful creature of timeless presence.
    To be present in the timeless moment.
    To stay aware of spiritual presence.
    Fruitful act of dedicated soul.
    Dedication towards origination.
    The course of origination.
    The spirit is origination.

    Origination has no distinct origin. Origination is the process of developmental reality.
    All moment is original moment
    The origin is the source. The essential collective.
    Time is developed mental origination.
    Time is a mental attribute.
    Time is a belief, an acceptance.
    Time is a process of divination.
    Divination origination.
    The essence of life is beauty.
    God is the foundation of reality.
    All is of awareness.
    The spiritual emerge.
    The Love of Peace.
    The Peace of Love.
    Unity of Light.
    Light of Unity.
    Divine confidence builds kingdoms.
    Inverted reality of physicality.

    Your life will be conceived as goodness when you understand goodness as the cause of All.
    Conceive through the divine lense.

    All in All
    All through All
    All as All
    All for All
    All from All
    All to All
    All with All

    Serene landscape of light, golden fields and paths of gold.

    Heaven is your perfection.
    Heaven is the essential state.
    Heaven is Peace.
    Peace is of the Heart.
    Peace is of the Mind.
    The story of truth is the story of love.

    I understand for I will to understand.

    The world is ours.
    The universe is ours.
    Heaven is ours.
    All is for All.

    You are a part of All
    You are All of All
    You are All

    Whole within whole, still whole.

    The stillness, the softness, the peace of wholeness.

    Angels sing in whole amaze.
    Glory to the All of All.

    Man beats on man to rise himself, but he lowers himself. Ego driven; Illusioned lie.

    Glory to All.

    Sacred breath of life to live. Full and clear in peace of glide.

    Weightless spirit. Boundless spirit. Timeless spirit. Brightest spirit.

    Being present is being aware.
    Being aware is being open.
    Being open is being connected.
    Being connected is being destined.

    Physicality emerges in divine memory.
    From the timeless, All is.

    To be discreet and respectful. Care for others in sacred expression. The art of mannerism.

    The angelic etiquette.
    Spiritual manner.

    The spiritual way, the angelic way, the positive way, the central way, the way of the between.

    Forever in the bliss alive,
    Sacred dream of angels,
    Listening to the tide,
    Endlessly revealed.

    Intuition is calling,
    Asking for a hand,
    Hand of Heart in care,
    Grace and peace of Love. ,

    Share your light in will.
    Do it as you truly do.
    Wish good wish and make them real.
    Become as you are, as you truly are.

    Raise yourself in want,
    Good in all your life,
    Take the best that is wanted,
    Make it real inside.

    The mind, the heart, are naked. Invisible as bright.

    Forever we are seeking, a deepest love within.

    Pay attention to non-ego, release and you will be free.

    Birds sing release.
    Sing your pain away to the sky and your pain will not be painful.

    Struggle does not have to be struggling. Pain does not have to be painful. As you perceive, as you conceive, so you shall seem.

    All is in your soul. Find the emerge.

    Rising into my dream, I see floating winds of Love. Wave of sound in consciousness.
    The sound of all sound.
    The sight of all sight
    The taste of all taste
    The feeling of all feeling
    The state of all state
    The being of all being.

    The ground of life is perfect, under hand of perfect God.

    Forever true, the Love in life, divine presence of essential spirit.

    Passing to essential life at the end.
    Spiritual life is destiny revealed.
    Be not afraid of passing, be patient.
    Paradise is certainty.

    I am more aware of Paradise than I am of Earth.

    Tears of joy are the fruits of 7 seas.

    Travel the world, remember truth and Love.
    You cannot escape the ultimate destiny, as perfection actualized.
    Love in All, All in Love.

    Globalize free belief.
    Eradicate separateness.
    One world, one humanity, one whole.
    Spiritual growth for societal peace.
    Respect individuality. Honor collectivity.
    The individual is the collective.
    The collective is the individual.

    Spiritual clarity. Spiritual sanity.
    The timeless divine.
    Always the answer is God.
    Better knowledge, better action.

    All in conscious harmony,
    This is planned,
    Paradise on Earth,
    This is plan.

    There will be a moment, of all realize. Illumination transcendental; peace, love, satisfaction, completion.

    Spiritual eye yields us to see the ultimate truth. The ultimate relieve.

    Know All to be All, to feel All, to see All.

    Sincere interaction, selfless desire, to help and nurture, to give and to share.

    Forever in Love, the spirit reveals.

    Balance and control, freedom and liberty.

    Peace, happiness, and blissful satisfaction.
    Positivity in activity. Activity in passivity.

    Forever in moment, endlessly revealed, pure essence of We; oneness, wholeness, unity.

    Always forgiving, essential holiness.

    Be not angry, be not upset. Trust God and the life he has given you.

    Never a mistake without a positive outcome.

    Perfect is creation, even if, perfectly imperfect.

    The world of divinity consumes the soul in good. ,

    So perfect is this Life, the bliss of understanding, of revealing, of becoming, of helping, of guiding.

    Live in Heart to Live in Peace.

    Use the difficult to your advantage.
    Use the difficult to grow your soul.

    Grow the depths of your soul. The endless depth of the spiritual well.

    Always a reason for all reality experienced.

    Forever truth, forever true.

    God is forever.

    All heart is all life, all spirit, all source, all God.

    A million expression for a million truth.

    Help the world learn to help. Help the world help.

    The world help project.

    Expand the meaning, definition, and outcome of Love actualized in Life. ,

    Love actualized. Love realized.
    Grace actualized. Grace realized.

    Perfect synchronism of God’s creation.

    Change emerges as change perceived.
    Creation is emergence.
    Creation is manifestation.
    Manifestation is emergence.
    Time is manifested emergence.
    Emergence is to elevation as elevation is to the manifested creation.

    Life appears in perfect sequence.

    The essential art of divinity.
    Radiance eternal, bliss supreme, complete enlightenment, clear experience, perfection in conscious being.

    As a child runs, wing stretched, like an angel diving deep.

    Diving deeply into the soul, pond of pure life, liquid light, vibrations of holy being.,

    Countless saint of pure heart.

    Thought of depth, revelation of height.
    One choice, one aim, one clarity.

    Pure clarity serene, placid, composed.

    Illumination universal, essential reality, vibrancy of holy light.

    No division, pure one, pure zero.
    Beyond one, beyond zero.
    All one as All zero.

    Highest vibrating frequency shines.

    All energy is All energy.

    The divine rational.
    Transcendental logic.
    Metaphysical sense.
    The divine thesaurus.
    Synonyms of universal Life.
    Always perfect is perfection.
    Perfection is everything.

    The life of simplicity;
    Eases balance.
    Eases peace.
    Eases satisfaction.
    Eases joy.

    There is no pain in paradise.

    Spirit releases the unpleasurable aspects of body at passing. Body caused pain disappears into memory.

    Pain is a belief, not a reality.
    Pain should be accepted as feeling, which felt in purity is bliss.

    Your deepest intuition will always be your greatest teacher.

    Live learning. Learning lives.
    Learning is earning. Earning is gaining. Gaining is growing. Growing is glowing.
    Learning is glowing.

    Accept, understand, experience.,

    All that is truly understood is Truth

    No matter in light
    No thing in light.

    Fight to not fight.
    Say it together, we won’t fight!

    Matter is of essence
    All is essence
    As all is the essence of All.
    Respect and you shall be respected.
    Respect is of All, to all, for All.

    Freedom is found in the between.
    The saved Heart of goodness.
    The saved life of spiritual goodness.
    We mastered the jungles, the deserts, the snow, the mountains, and the islands. Now, we are to master our own social, , mechanical, construction, and technological creations.

    The final mastery is the mastery of self in spirit.

    Infinite perspective.

    Even plants develop protective patterns of evolution.

    Living body adapts, transforms, evolves.
    The freedoms of Earth developed as bodies became more capable of expression.
    Freedom has expanded in time.

    Contrast radiates light
    Everything is of light

    The perfect core

    The universal essence
    Essence universal

    To see through the eyes of an angel

    The perfect essence

    The positive is vibrantly neutral
    Neutrality is positivity

    Positivity is knowingly optimistic

    Great concentration of weightlessness

    The everlasting peak of realization

    The truth is moderate
    The truth is neutral
    The truth is positive

    The positive is forever loosened into freedom

    Observer loves the ultimate observance

    Creator; Heart Mind Soul

    The conscious love of awareness

    We are sky bound; saved unconditionally

    The foundation of spirituality is the between

    Everything is as fullness absolute

    The apex is released in the eternal moment of now

    The supreme heart of Awareness

    Ultimately loved in Heart

    The source of Mind
    of Soul
    of Ether

    The moment of Life is Now.

    To be released in selfless giving

    The absolute apex is rising
    To be is to expand.
    To expand is to elevate.

    Through mind and heart, we are loved.

    The angels of sky love us unconditionally
    God loves us unconditionally
    Transcendently good is serendipity
    The boundlessness of happiness is alivened

    Together composed,
    Together concentrated.

    The illumination of enlightenment is serendipitous.

    All together, connected.

    Rising now in release
    Become Ether of spirit
    Creator Loves us in Heart
    Aware, we are assured of eternal peace
    Unconditionally, universally, purely, and truly.

    Compassionately sky-bound, we become whole and open eyed.

    The positivity of fearless trust

    The joyful between of understanding

    Divinity is the opening of the alivened

    Great good of universal contentment and acceptance.

    Happy freedom of open hearts and minds

    The balance of serenity

    Divinity transcends in boundlessness

    The peak is within the high

    The peace of bliss and grace.

    The light of satisfied respect

    The completeness of high realization
    The essential peak of trust
    The holiness of sincere acceptance

    Serendipity of enlightened understanding

    The wholeness of great actualization
    The holiness of open understanding
    The perfection of peaceful forgiveness
    The unity of high enlightenment
    The all encompassing within
    Everything is composed throughout glory
    Beautiful vibration of the between
    The happy illumination when actualized
    The everlasting connectedness of truth
    Paradise of selfless glory
    Nirvana in retrieving
    Nirvana in finding the found
    The destiny of being saved
    The paradise of Heaven is Home
    Express selflessness in giving
    The creator observes All Love
    We are Loved in unconditional Heart
    The being of the creator is everlasting
    The everlasting moment of now
    The apex is rising now
    The expanding life in ether
    The original state of giving
    The original state of receiving
    To feel the gift of sharing
    Nirvana is a state of pure feeling
    Nirvana is the original state
    The absolute originality
    The apex is rising and elevating
    The selfless release of the now
    The life of supreme source
    The life in supreme source
    The supreme source of creation
    The collective expression of source
    The ultimate source of expression
    Apex is the becoming of originality
    Life is in the moment of now
    The collective expression of becoming
    Destiny is Home in Paradise
    The good realization of Trust
    The brightness of whole completeness
    The complete essence of everything
    The fearless glory everlasting
    Optimistic trust in positivity
    Truth of full compassion
    Sky-bound joy of Heart
    Being collective Source
    The observer in mind
    The emergence of soul
    Being is the feeling of life
    Transcendent happiness of enlightenment
    Glorious foreverness of the sacred middle
    Within the peak of height
    The freedom of contentment
    Saved state of wholeness
    The satisfied peace of grace
    The serene satisfaction of divine euphoria
    The peace of love and light
    The great illumination
    The glorious connectedness of soul
    Knowledge is of the everlasting state of nirvana
    The moment of now is unconditional
    Loved, we find Home.
    The absolute expanse of becoming
    Supreme awareness of universal spirit
    The joyfully assured. The understood.
    I assure you of God’s unconditional Love.
    The weightless compassion of optimism
    The fearless vibration of divine positivity
    The everlasting vibration of life
    Conscious love of universal essence
    Be conscious of your everlasting spirit
    Aware is the conscious observer
    The great actualization of divine realization
    The all encompassing peak within
    Sincere divinity in caring peace
    Transcendent purity of divinity
    The actualization of great conscious wholeness
    The timeless brightness of awareness
    Transcend in spiritual freedom
    Ascend in serendipity
    Ascend to happy enlightenment
    The infinite foundation of Life
    Sincerity is opened through freedom
    The essential peak in trust
    Divinity accepts in sincerity
    The foundation is composed in togetherness
    The timeless holiness of purity

    Perfect satisfaction
    Universal view
    Full of beauty
    Full of grace
    The power of everything determines the state of within.

    The power of the within determines everything.
    When the mind comes into itself, it realizes everything as itself.

    No passion? no freedom.

    The creator is not created.
    God is the essence of God
    Godliness is the motive of God.

    God receives what he gives and gives what he receives.

    Bringing to light; awakening in consciousness.

    Understand, accept, forgive.

    Know trust in composure.
    Actualize trust knowing composure.

    Happiness; Balance; Serenity

    Everything is the All encompassing essence.
    Respect virtue, honor grace.
    Ascend and transcend to divine awareness
    Purity is the perfect balance. Absolute balance.
    Honest trust stems from honest realization.
    The collective source expresses the supreme creator.
    The universal awareness of the conscious observer.

    The moment of now releases its divinity through selfless giving, sharing, finding, and being.

    Destiny is Home. Paradise.

    The son of sons. The king of kings. The closest connection to Godhead. Christ consciousness.

    The apex of conscious elevation is endlessly found in the moment unchanged.

    Consciousness does not have a creator.
    Consciousness is Creator.

    I don’t have a self. I am Self.
    I don’t have a love. I am Love.
    I don’t shine a light. I am Light.

    The great light of God.

    The fearless truth of the open eyed
    The weightlessness of positive trust in plan.
    The plan is the course of your life.

    Spinning hearts of Love,
    Vibrates on,
    Shares softness,
    Happy moment.

    The main stream philosophy

    The main stream as the central stream of Life. As the one stream. Essential stream.

    The stream of life. Expressed and impressed.

    Sinking deeply into the nature of moment,
    The endless flow of time that never stops and never goes,
    Feeling pure and knowing truth,
    The essence of Life is within you.

    The Spirit flows in endless flow, finding fortune in the known.

    Divine Life is good in between and perfect at the seam.

    To treat the living,
    With grace and compassion.
    To treat the living,
    In Love and in Peace.

    To know the heart of freedom,
    To be the Self of eternity,
    Fluid love and fluid bliss,
    Peaceful paths of Peace.

    The silence of within echoes the beauty of nature,
    Judges nothing to accept everything.
    Inner silence lets life be alive,
    To enjoy and not disturb, the ceremony of experience.

    To look as you feel and to feel as you look.

    The universal memory of the universal mind,
    Existing beyond time, knows all aspects timed.

    The physical is timed because the physical emerges change.
    Timely change is only a changed perception.
    Nothing in essence is actually changed.

    The physical is as creation moves
    The physical moves in synchronism

    The time/speed of light reflects density.
    The slower the time, the denser
    The faster the time, the lighter

    All that you are is divine.
    All that you are is mine.
    All that I am is yours.
    Each others we are.

    The world belongs to the world
    The world belongs to the living

    Share everything with everyone

    There is an underlying essence in all existence,
    A force universal that creates all things.
    The entirety of the universe belongs to the essence pure in being.

    All stems from the same source of energy and all remains sourced.
    The source is everywhere,
    Life is everywhere.
    God is everywhere.
    You are everywhere.
    I am everywhere.

    To predict possible outcomes and circumstances from memory of past outcomes and circumstances.
    I know where I will start, begin, continue, and become.

    No height higher than you.
    No height can locate you.
    You are in the endless.

    You prosper me with opportunity,
    With bounty of all things real.
    The brightness of reality shines into my vision,
    Feeling the bliss of complete union in God.

    My faith has been my trust and my trust is greater than all hopes.
    I know, Father, the love you have for us is unconditional.

    Thank you for the blessings of Life
    Thank you for the strength you give us, as we carry on the path of Love.

    The Love of God reveals itself in the Heart of Life.
    In the core of our being, in the centered bliss of our joys.
    The Love of God wishes to remind you of your perfection.

    You are an angel of the sky, brilliant in splendor, reflective of purity.

    Hand in Hand, Heart in Heart, we stride forward on the paths of Life,
    Stronger and stronger every moment.
    Together we stand as children of God, spirits universal,
    One in our belonging, free in our destiny.

    Conformed into smile, we rejoice in Life;
    We rejoice in Truth.

    Let go of what you do not know.

    The Heavens await our calling, our ask for help in guidance.
    All the Earth stands in glory of our be

  3. Posted by Barbara Steward    24/06/2013 12:05

    Such a beautiful voice.

  4. Posted by Haley    19/01/2013 12:41

    I love you, Hayley.
    Je t’aime
    Ich liebe dich

  5. Posted by Chelo    07/05/2012 05:33

    una verdadera artista, llena de talento y corazón.

  6. Posted by mehran    25/04/2012 17:31

    very beauty
    look very happy all of time
    love u

  7. Posted by rhythm700 (White Heart)    11/04/2012 14:27

    Look very happy.

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