Ghana – 2008

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  1. Posted by Keith    27/05/2012 01:27

    Hayley, you are a beautiful woman with an equeally beautiful voice.I am, at this point in time, actually playing your vide and watching / listening to you singing Pokarekareana (off your dvd “Live from New Zealand”. While doing this, I decided to look up what YOU were / are doing. I am glad to see something good come out of Ghana for a change…..we are all sick of their awful SPAM.

  2. Posted by Greg    27/02/2012 21:09

    Hayley, this shows your true character. Not only are you an amazingly talented young woman, you are equally as giving manifested by your charitable work. I look forward to your long, successful career! God Bless and I wish you the best of success in all your future endeavors!

  3. Posted by Angela-Wu    01/02/2012 13:51

    Hayley you are so kind!!!!

  4. Posted by michael k britt    08/11/2011 01:58

    that is awesome, i do love some one that gives them self to others instead of just doing it for publicity, for them selves. your heart is truley there for others in need. hayley i dont know if you actually read these, but if theres a way that i can contriute to the cuase especially for the christmas season please get back with me id love to help if i can please…

  5. Posted by Alik    22/07/2011 20:19

    Wow Hayley I can see it in your eyes that you have soft heart for people in need and thats makes different and special then other stars!!! My respect to you just went up really high, my heart hearts when I see all those poor people who is just happy to get fresh water!!!
    May God richley bless you!!!

  6. Posted by chris    18/07/2011 18:32

    i just love these pictures

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