LONDON, Royal Festival Hall

Sunday, December 4th, 2016 at 21:32

Catch Hayley at the Royal Festival Hall, London, with Bryn Terfel on Dec 6th 2016! A Huawei winter concert in support of The Prince’s Trust.

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  1. Posted by Sinibaldi    28/05/2017 12:45

    The smile of a springtime.
    ( last version )

    In the flame
    of the sunset and
    when nature is
    shining with the
    delicate movement
    of a sullen blackbird
    there’s a luminous
    smile appearing
    alone in the youth
    of an intense
    happiness: the soft
    wind returns, an
    interior beauty
    describes in the
    silence the light
    of the present and
    the faith for the future…

    Francesco Sinibaldi

  2. Posted by Ronin    23/05/2017 00:07

    Hello Ms.Westenra, Hope all is well and most important, You come to CA … perform. Take Care, Ronin

  3. Posted by Sinibaldi    26/03/2017 12:43

    Un sueño atestado.
    ( last version )

    Una tierna
    mirada es como
    la noche que
    brilla sincera
    cuando el soplo
    suave de una
    límpida gracia
    ilumina el campo
    y el perfil asombrado
    del fresco torrente:
    veo la dulzura en
    los ojos mojados,
    siento la fuerza
    del poético verso
    que llama el futuro
    mirando el pasar
    de una luz fugitiva…

    Francesco Sinibaldi

  4. Posted by Sinibaldi    29/01/2017 13:30

    La voix des sens.
    ( last version )

    Dans la nature
    des sourires,
    et dans l’aube
    de l’espoir qui
    dépeint le matin,
    une image s’évanouit
    en créant le profil
    de la prairie silencieuse
    qui chante la tristesse
    et puis donne le
    soupir d’un moineau
    solitaire: je voudrais
    la lumière pour décrire
    la jeunesse d’un
    rayon fugitif…

    Francesco Sinibaldi

  5. Posted by Einstein    01/01/2017 00:39

    happy New year Hayley

  6. Posted by Sinibaldi    10/12/2016 14:09

    Sweetness and virtue.
    ( A kiss to you )

    Sweet and present
    delight, when
    the sound of a
    blackbird spreads
    in the air with
    a delicate chirping
    I see your profile
    proceeding alone
    while the candour
    returns and the
    wind’s intuition
    appears near
    a shade: the soft
    wind invites you
    to cry, a tender
    sensation remains
    in the dark to discover
    the sadness and
    the voice of your

    Francesco Sinibaldi

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