Hayley will be performing with Ding Yi in Beijing

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 at 09:46

Hayley will be appearing in concert alongside Chinese tenor Ding Yi with an orchestral accompaniment at the People’s Great Hall, Beijing, on Monday 29th April. The pair have previously sung together last year, at the closing ceremony of the Second Beijing International Film Festival in China in April and at a concert to celebrate Beijing Culture Week at London’s Barbican in July.



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  1. Posted by silentlake    30/04/2013 14:00

    Dear Haley, Congratulations to your successful debut in Beijing yesterday evening. I have been listening to your songs since 2007. I found your songs by chance via google. I have downloaded quite a number of your songs and burnt some CDs, played them in my car. Namely, I am an “old fan” of your songs.

    It is a pity that you did not sing Pokarekar yesterday. Yet, I did enjoy your show yesterday. I will be more than happy to list your popular songs in China. You are particularly popular among employees from MNCs. If there will be a second chance to sing to Chinese audience, I would recommend that you sing more songs which made you famous.

    Last not least, my fellow countrymen enjoyed you singing Chinese songs. Allow me to take the liberty to suggest you try another Chinese song which conincides the occasion of Mid Autumn Festival, with name “qian li gong chan juan”.

    One more thing, when you walked out from curtain in qi pao, you look gorgeous. I believe you would look even better in red or blue…trust me.

    Wish you good luck of your show around the globe. Welcome to China again!

    I know Newzealand is a nice destination. I would love to go one day.


    • Posted by Roy_Chan    13/05/2013 15:43

      On April 29th, in a hurry, I went to Beijing by train for Hayley and Ding’s concert. And I finally reached the Hall in time! How a nice concert! But I think if Hayley go to Shanghai or Guangzhou, it would be much more convinient for the fans of us to say hello to Hayley:)

  2. Posted by Thomas P.Regan    06/04/2013 14:28

    Happy Birthday:
    Hayley Westenra

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