Koncerthuset in Copenhagen

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 at 12:27

Hayley will be making her debut headline concert appearance at the Koncerthuset in Copenhagen on Sunday 22nd April with her band plus a string quartet. Box office no. is (00) 45 70 263 267 or visit www.billetlugen.dk/musik/21921/hayley-westenra/

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  1. Posted by Aswedish74    24/04/2012 14:22

    Thanks for an excellent concert:) I went 5 and a half hour by train to get there and 8 and a half to get back again, but it was definitely worth it:)

  2. Posted by Katana    20/04/2012 04:39

    While I know I am late to make this “request”, and it is unlikely to be changed if not planned to start with, I am hoping with all my heart that you will be performing “Bridal Ballad”. It is my favourite of your songs and IMHO the best song with which to share your unique talent. If not in the setlist already, you could just wing it a capella ;-)
    Also, if you see someone in the front row to your right with his eyes closed, do not be alarmed; I won’t be sleeping – I’ll be LISTENING!

    I can’t explain how much I’m looking forward to Sunday – see you then!

  3. Posted by Sassy    18/03/2012 01:45

    Your music is so beautiful! My favorite song of yours is “Malena” in your new album. I heart it on youtube when it first came out. But now it says that the video has been blocked and is not available in my country (USA). It’s such a bummer! Can you guys do anything about this?

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