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Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 at 12:23

The Official Rugby World Cup 2011 album, World in Union, features Hayley Westenra singing the official World Cup song ‘World In Union’ in both English and Maori!

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  1. Posted by joyjoy    29/11/2011 22:06

    Dear Hayley, I love your songs and your voice, can’t wait to see your performing in New york city. we all love you.

  2. Posted by selwyn    25/10/2011 08:42

    While watching and hearing Hayley’s beautiful rendition of ” now is the hour ” at the end of the Rugby world cup, we immediately recognised her from A DVD made by Helmut Lotti . Have you any idea what has happened to Helmut???

  3. Posted by Robin Martin    24/10/2011 14:49

    Hayley, your rendition of the New Zealand National Anthem at the recent rugby World Cup Final was very moving and beautifully sung.

    You are not only a superb performer but a wonderful ambassador for your truly magnificent Nation.

    • Posted by DUNCAN    04/12/2011 16:22

      i absolutely agree with that i ahve listened too hayley on youtube singing the world in union in both maori and english plus pokarekare ana and the new zealand national,anthem and i love them all

  4. Posted by Luke    20/10/2011 06:41

    Hayley love your voice but was very disappointed to her you suggest to Marcus Lush that out of all the RWC anthems the one you’d lest like to sing was australia’s and not because you didn’t like the song. Who was the first to help CHCH or in any other NZ crisis. You have lots of fans in Aussie & I’m not sure they are aware of your dislike for us.
    Their is also 8,000 Aussie’s in canterbury who heard you as well.

  5. Posted by neilc    25/09/2011 06:13

    i would like to say that I love all of your music and what a bautiful woman as well. There is nothing I like more on a long journey than to switch on my ipod and drift away with your songs.

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