New Dates Added!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 at 16:34

Hayley has just added new tour dates to her diary!

Head over to the Live page now for more details and booking info.

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  1. Posted by Angela-Wu    01/02/2012 14:02

    I’m a girl from China
    Frist time I saw her was in the Celtic Woman, she was singing “Scarborought Fari”, and I~~~fall in love with hayley’s perfect voice.
    I knew her last 3 years.Thanks hayley for perfect voice, perfect songs and perfect album.

    Love you

  2. Posted by Moe    16/11/2011 16:26

    I am the newest Fan, I Am in china, ,and I was on 22 hours train trip..and I was the only foreigner. feeling lost and so damn lonely ..Then they played Haley’s version of Amazing Grace.. feeling was and still unexplainable .. took me to a whole different dimention . .I shed a couple of tears, and I promised to write this on Haley’s site..

    Love, Always


  3. Posted by michael k britt    04/11/2011 19:54

    i bought pardiso,winter magic, and pure love all of them and getting more for christmas, cant wait…herf songs are so peacful and such a stress reliever, for me.. thanks hayley for such great music

  4. Posted by Ninnileo    31/10/2011 20:54

    Haley`s Stimme berührt mich sehr!Sie ermutigt mich immer wieder in vielen Dingen.Ich liebe diese Reinheit und Klarheit ihrer Stimme.Ich würde sie zu gerne einmal live hören.


  5. Posted by Suzanna    13/10/2011 12:33

    I ordered and received Paradiso in one day from Amazon. The music is wondrous and the lyrics are delicious. I’m learning Italian both for pleasure and to help in my opera studies, so I really enjoy singing along with the CD. This is truly one amazing album.

  6. Posted by nigel    03/10/2011 20:00

    I was at Llandudno on the 24th
    an amasing perfomance only second row from the stage

    amasing grace sang with the welsh male singers

    i have already booked northampton in march cant wait
    that will be her 4 visit
    her first visit
    with sophie and isac will live with me for ever kathrin jenkins as well
    i wish sophie would tour with hayley we dont see enough of her

    i wish your N Z tour well

    your music live in my heart i love it
    i dont always understand some of them i dont sang in different languages but it doesnt matter

  7. Posted by Deanna    29/09/2011 02:14

    She’s so amazing! angel’s voice!
    Wish i could see her!

  8. Posted by Richard G Mynett    08/09/2011 00:09

    I order Hayley’s new recording Paradiso and received it in good time. The packaging was great but the songs on the CD Paradiso were really her classical of 2004. Her CD’s need to be check.

    • Posted by Richard G Mynett    13/09/2011 00:59

      After having listen to the songs on the New album I found the songs were correct per the back cover of the album. What showed up in the display list of the songs was the classical album of 2004 songs instead of the current songs.


      • Posted by Richard G Mynett    01/02/2012 04:58

        Hayley, coming home and listening to your music after a hard day at work really helps me to get back in tune with myself. I even listen to you when it gets busy at work. I am in love with who you are and your amazing voice. Thank you so much for Your shining Light.

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