Paradiso- out now!

Monday, August 29th, 2011 at 10:45

Paradiso is out now in the UK!

Buy now!

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  1. Posted by Ivan    18/01/2012 16:14

    Dear Hayley,
    Do you have any plans for european tours this year (2012), in particular France ?
    I’ld love to see your live concert WHAT A GREAT VOICE YOU HAVE……..certainly a GOD’s gift.


  2. Posted by Sandi    27/10/2011 03:49

    Brilliant– Paradiso that is! You are needed in the USA. Share Hayley with us please! Love all your CD’s but this one is most gorgeous. Sharing it with my loved ones and friends. Thanx for this masterpiece!

  3. Posted by Doris Charles    16/10/2011 15:35

    Briliant Hayley all your cd’s are super.

  4. Posted by Leah Ross    10/10/2011 21:18

    I bought several copies of Paridiso for my friends and voice students. We’re all wondering, is a Piano/Voice/Guitar going to come out so we can also purchase the music scores for Paridiso too? I have Hayley Westenra’s other cd’s and PVG books, and she’s just the greatest! I only wish she would come to Canada.

  5. Posted by Lisa    09/10/2011 15:34

    I went to hear Hayley sing in Llanddudno, Wales, and she was fantastic! She was the featuring artist, along with Elgin Thomas and the Maelgwyn Male Choir. I was so moved to tears hearing her sing, and the men were great! Awesome concert and well worth the trip from Alabama to the UK.
    Purchased Hayley’s new CD, but, can’t find it after I got home and had surgery on my arm. Haven’t even opened it, but Hayley did sing a few songs from her new CD..

  6. Posted by Peter Such    04/10/2011 10:24

    Just joined as myself. Also postscript on hwi ( the ‘official’ unofficial fan site. Pure is the girl: Paradiso is the woman. I cannot believe it is ten whole years since I first met with her. She has been exemplary throughout and it is a privilege to know her well enough to be recognised by her.

  7. Posted by Mark Griggs    10/09/2011 13:37

    @Hayleywestenra straight in at No. 1 on the new Top 40 @classicfm. Congratulations.

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