Hayley’s upcoming TV appearences

Friday, August 26th, 2011 at 11:22

Hayley has a number of upcoming TV appearances in the UK in the coming weeks!
Catch her on all these shows:

29th August The Wright Stuff
30th August OK TV (Five)
31st August Sunrise (Sky News)
20th September Loose Women (ITV1)
22nd September The Alan Titchmarsh Show (ITV1)
9th Oct Songs Of Praise (BBC1)

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  1. Posted by Rachel    02/01/2012 09:25

    I wish she will come out also tru social networks. The best mobile app developers know making a popular app begins with finding something that several individuals will use frequently. New statistics about the usage of networks Facebook and Twitter highlight this reality. Article source: 40 percent of Facebook visits happen via mobile app

  2. Posted by KC    03/10/2011 02:34

    Hayley has Tweeted, seen elsewere on this site, that she will be interviewing and maybe (implied) perform on the FOX NEWS CHANNEL at 2:30PM EDT/ 11:30PM PDT on Megyn Kelly’s America program, from New York, on Monday, Oct 3rd, 2011. Stay tune to her Twitter account or other reliable source for you, for more news… Set those VCR’s/DVR’s and DVD Recorders folk… I will be at home, so hoping to capture the whole interview… if you miss it, contact me… hopefully I will have gotten it… Later.

  3. Posted by LauraaLouiise    10/09/2011 12:07

    Shes so fantastic, i saw her ok OKTV and shes just beautiful and her voice is just sensational. Hoping to get tickets for her mini tour next year xx

  4. Posted by John M Clarkson    28/08/2011 21:32

    Hi Hayley
    I wonder if you would consider singing the songs of the 1930s that seem to have largely been forgotten. For example, I’ll never smile again is a beautiful song almost built for your voice. And Sleepy Lagoon. Missippi River Blue is another. There are so many to choose from and if they were orchestrated right they would be instant hits. Hope you read this.

  5. Posted by Richard G Mynett    28/08/2011 04:37

    I have been listening to Hayley’s videos on YouTube today and her music has open my Heart Center I am deeply grateful to her for sharing her voice from Heaven!

  6. Posted by Mario    27/08/2011 17:31

    Oh such a pity, only in the UK-TV.
    Maybe we will see her in Germany in the future. I hope so.

    • Posted by Jürgen Schneider von Leuchtenburg    09/09/2011 09:38

      Hi Mario,

      thank you for supporting.

  7. Posted by Jürgen Schneider von Leuchtenburg    26/08/2011 14:38

    It´s dissapointing for me that Hayley is only in the UK-TV.
    I can´t watch these sun in the dark forest of my home in Germany.
    But maybe sometime.

    Fürst von Leuchtenburg

  8. Posted by Justin Cole    26/08/2011 12:33

    Congratulations on your stunning new record Hayley, a truly wonderful piece of work! xx

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