A Message from Ennio Morricone

Monday, July 18th, 2011 at 11:20

A short message from Ennio Morricone read out at Hayley’s showcase in London earlier this month:

When I first heard Hayley’s voice I was impressed and fascinated.

I was very pleased when I was asked to compose and arrange the pieces that Hayley sings on her CD and am delighted with the results. I want to mention that this is not just a small anthology but also includes new songs performed and recorded for the first time.

I am sorry that I cannot participate in this special event as my work does not permit me, I would have been very pleased to see Hayley again but unfortunately I am unable to do so today …

I wish our CD, great fortune and many listeners and to this beautiful performer, a great career.

Ennio Morricone

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  1. Posted by john whymant    26/08/2011 12:45

    i saw you on breakfast tv this morning but i didn’t find out if you were performing in the UK at this time. Your Pure album was the most enjoyable music i have ever heard for many a year.My sons continue to buy me your albums and i love them so much. only ever seen you perform on tv.will you contiue to sing more MOARI related songs because i feel that you should continue to do so, it’s your heritage and culture. hope all is well in christchurch and your family is well. thanks for allowing me to talk. john

  2. Posted by John Bethell    29/07/2011 21:00

    Great to hear you on the new cd Hayley I hope you have a new DVD coming soon
    Are you coming back to perform in Christchurch soon. We all love you

  3. Posted by GRonaldB    29/07/2011 14:00

    How rarely has God blessed our Earth with such an angelic voice – Hayley, thank you for sharing it! Forever protect its beauty and dignity.

  4. Posted by thomas    22/07/2011 22:33

    very good and a voice with so much range, It would be a honor to see you in concert again.,

  5. Posted by Dean McCarten    18/07/2011 12:46

    This is very high praise and very well deserved Hayley :)

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