Hayley’s 10th anniversary party

Friday, July 8th, 2011 at 10:42

Hayley celebrated her 10 year anniversary with Decca Records last night at The Ivy Club in London.

Hayley treated guests to an intimate performance of songs before the forthcoming UK release of ‘Paradiso’.

Have a look at the pictures in the gallery

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  1. Posted by mr donald burns    31/08/2011 08:33

    I love the “Treasure” album but Paradiso is something really special. I love most classical music, can’t stand modern pops. I just adore Hayley in paradiso. Her singing is sublime and when saw the “Rome video”, her beauty moved me to tears, simply superb.

  2. Posted by Sinézio Araujo    13/08/2011 01:14

    Thank you for presenting us with her ​​beautiful voice.
    You are wonderful!


    God Bless You!

  3. Posted by David Herd    07/08/2011 13:13

    Paradiso is a wonderful album. The bringing together of two such wonderful talents in music was a stoke of brilliance. i look forward hopefully to the issue of a DVD regarding the making of the album etc. which would be a great addition to the overall experience.

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