New Zealand Earthquake

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 at 14:39

Message from Hayley:

My thoughts and prayers go out to the community in Christchurch and also to my friends and family who live there. I was only in Christchurch a few days ago visiting my family, it is now hard to imagine the devastation the earthquake has left behind. I am thankful that my own family are safe and unharmed but pray for everyone who now has to deal with the loss and aftermath of this terrible disaster.

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  1. Posted by Alexander Pippin    11/08/2011 17:16

    It’s hard to imagine the impact it has on a persons life but God loves us all and with His love come healing. My prayers go out to all who lost something or someone so dear to them. May He rebuild their hearts and restore there courage and confidence and strength to rebuild their homes. Even in the most toughest of times God remains with us.

  2. Posted by Firdausi17    24/05/2011 13:37

    I hope you would stay strong Hayley. =)

  3. Posted by SummerFlyxxx    27/04/2011 06:07

    I’ve prayed and am still praying for the victims and their families

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